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  1. You should shoot it again without the gloves so you don’t look like such a wanker.

  2. Dickhead

  3. Damn, this 0:43 gives me a lot of goosebumps! The gear whining sounds like F1.

  4. mia who?

  5. The comments are funny, a bit overboard but funny. I notice your clock doesn’t work – neither does mine. lol. Must be a Porsche thing.

  6. i wanna buy the some one so does it bring profit in time ? ive heard that these porsches values are raising

  7. What year is the Porsche ?

  8. you wear gloves if you handle a rare piece of history.. i would too if if I had one

  9. now i know that you never drove a Porsche 🙂

  10. Sweaty hands, that figures.

    Between your car, your driving gloves, and your sweaty hands, you are too stupid to know you should be embarrassed.

    Keep telling everyone how lame you are, though. We could all use the laugh!

  11. You’ve driven all 911’s from 1975 to 2007 and I’ve been to the moon 6 times last year. Get a life kid

  12. Beautiful beautiful noise! What year is the SC?

  13. damn that car is a beast!!!

  14. Are you really comparing cars nearly 20-30 years apart? If you’ve actually spent that much time driving these cars, I figured you’d come to the conclusion that vehicles have to be taken within the context of when they were made. No one drives a classic Porsche expecting GT3 levels of chassis design. Sure, many modern economy and family cars are faster than sports cars were in the 70’s; but that’s not really the point, is it?

  15. only jerk-offs wear driving gloves in road cars. gloves are primarily for fire protection in race cars, and for older race cars that had wood steering wheels where the glove would give you more grip. but to wear leather gloves in a road car with a leather wheel? the guy is a jerk-off.

  16. the car instantly hits 40mph and must spin the tires going into second


  18. Almost sounds like the old 2.4 Liter. Awesome!

  19. nice ride man, sorry about all the haters!!! I would also be wearing a captains hat!!

  20. Go buy a go-kart to get an even better "refined experience" than your crapy Miata and leave these cars to us!

  21. Gay ass gloves tho

  22. I don’t know too much about exhausts, is there a reason it isn’t always really loud and raspy when you hammer it to the redline? A few of those times I noticed your tach was moving just as fast but the sound was a lot quieter.

  23. 加速音すげすきだわw

  24. Driving gloves? Oh man…

  25. That’s how to drive an old 911!’ Age doesn’t matter, still a Porsche

  26. A tractor built on the chassis that did well in almost every race it ever entered.

  27. Good car if your cock is a little small.

  28. How big is the oil cooler in an SC?

  29. Last one was an 86 targa and it was a tractor like all the rest. You’re just fooling yourself.

  30. Well, that would make sense. Everyone knows only wankers drive 911’s. That car is the poster child for inadequate "men" with something to prove.

    And it doesn’t surprise me to know that you would wank off in your leather gloves. For you, there is no difference between doing that, and driving a car which only exists to compensate for "something" you don’t already have.

  31. To each their own, Porsche’s aren’t for everyone. Not everyone can properly drive and enjoy a true rear engine Porsche. Porsche’s are such cars, they take lots of finesse to get driver satisfaction, it’s not for the weak hearted. With all due respect, any old joe can pop into a miata and have a smile on his face, its a very easy car to drive and rewarding for most. But other drivers seek more than just that, if anything they want a bit of a challenge.. Just my view on it at-least…

  32. Beautiful Sound…. Nothing like the Growl of 911…

  33. Nice vid man, FYI, driving that car i would also wear exact same gloves as yours, nice Pork pie hat in green rayban aviators and a green driving shoe and enjoy the whole experience and say fuck all of those haters winging about gloves when all it is is they wished they had the same nice ride as yours. Enjoy my man

  34. you are dumb.

  35. does this car have the sport exhaust?
    sounds like it. raspy and nice.
    I drove an SC once i think it was worn bad as it sounded like a sounding box inside and the shifyt linkage was sloppy,

  36. Stupid Gloves

  37. 100 km/h is that all

  38. Have you rebuilt this recently? It sounds great. I have an 82′ with 42,000 original miles with no major work done to the car and the engine will making popping noises if i ever rev it up past 4 or 5. Its funny how the threads on the steering wheel just kind of turned to dust.

  39. my dad saw this video and loved the exhaust so she put it on his 911

  40. Sounds like Vtec at 0:44

  41. Sounds like my Subaru flat 6..

  42. 0:50 Did he leave the sound behind?

  43. HAHAH!! good comeback!! great video and car, bro!!

  44. Did you get different cams from stock?

  45. Newsflash bud, no one gives a flying FUCK about a miata.

  46. sounds great

  47. I just realised I’m a wanker. Thanks!

    Proper driving. Sports cars are mean’t to be driven like err.. sports cars.

  48. Maybe I’ll just wank away in my 911. I’ll even wear the gloves.

  49. Buono,da zeo a 100kmh ( 62ml) meno di sette secondi, l’ orologio analogico non funziona.

  50. the gloves is that "romantic" thing!

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