30 Car Pile Up Snow Storm Crash P.1

No on was injured, to my knowledge, in these videos. It was a freezing snow fall night right after a warm day that had melted all the snow and made the streets wet. That set up caused a very icey hill.

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  2. dude in the ford… bet he felt like a dumbass

  3. That little honda civic got beaten up bad.

  4. Some of the funniest shit I’ve seen.

  5. LPT: try and hit the curb and drag the tires/wheels on it. That can get you slowed or stopped a lot easier than crashing in. A lot less expensive and inconvenient. The people taking pix are right on. Get photos of the cars that hit you and everything around the scene.

  6. Always remember to stand in the middle of the street in a situation like this.

  7. This is in Colorado a springs folks. There is a much shorter clip that tells you the location.

  8. "I’m a oreo cookie"

  9. the guy in the white pick up, started out with a three inch dick,,  ended up with a clit after that

  10. If I lived in that neck of the woods, I’d put big bullbars on front and rear bumpers of my vehicle. I’d drive without fear then.

  11. Is that your car? That sucks! Look at your trunk! lmfao😂😂😂 Commentary better than WWE.

  12. Why didn’t anyone use snow chains?

  13. "we need to stop people up at the top" keeps standing there filming and not stopping people at the top. IDIOT.

  14. you ain’t gonna get much insurance out of this

  15. Yay finally someone recorded a car pile up, landscape and steady.

  16. This is the kind of shit that puts me in the present moment

  17. That truck didnt have 4wd engaged lol

  18. In Connecticut we have a thing called snow plows

  19. The commentary is too good

  20. Notice that the Subaru Forester MADE IT!!!?

  21. that red honda just got gangbanged

  22. just another day in december western ny

  23. RWJ

  24. "I’ve got 4WD, I’ll be allright, mkay?"

    That’s not how things work.

  25. Is that your car? That sucks! Look at your trunk! lmfao😂😂😂 Commentary better than WWE.

  26. Smh all the tow truck drivers in that area were having a field day

  27. When going up a hill on snow/ice, you just put your foot on the gas and DO NOT let up. Because once you take your foot off the gas, you’re screwed.

  28. if i see a car pile up like that on the road, I’m finding another route… not taking the risk.

  29. This will never happen in Germany…

  30. Nobody thought about going up that hill and stopping traffic?

  31. Could have bought snow tires, but why bother, right………..????????????????

  32. I hope the city paid for the damage.

  33. I noticed that the only vehicle to make it up the hill was a black soft top jeep wrangler but with solid ice coated with snow, without studs or chains you are sunk

  34. I love big super duty douche at 6:16. "I can do this, I got my Ford truck". Then that 6,800 lbs POS goes sliding down the hill…

  35. That black Honda is a magnet and totaled

  36. I don’t know why I like car pile ups so much…

  37. That’s slick

  38. hey I live in Colorado Springs too, which street was this??

  39. Why don’t you just close off the road? Use some red triangles or something. And no one having studs of course, pretty typical.

  40. 7:44 was the best part of the video.

  41. every person there should be ticketed for being retarded..

  42. biggist thing thats making is worse dont lock your tires let them turn but tap thew brakes to slow down dont lock your tires

  43. That diesel truck might have made it if he had a pair of truck balls.

  44. Oh man I bet the DMV had a field day after this

  45. LOL! Each and every one of these people deserves this for the simple fact that they live in Colorado Springs, which is without a doubt one of the worst Trump-loving conservative evangelical military hell holes in the country!

  46. I think this your own video is original but i bet the speedup is better because its has chipmunks sound and funny. XDD

  47. Stupid Ford

  48. At 3:34 were they trapped in their cars?

  49. gangbang

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