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  1. in germany we call it porsche.

  2. you stupid? new BMW M5 accelerate from 0-100 3.5 sec 3.60 3.70 3.80 its differend how you start

  3. Celle la c’est la turbo s pas la turbo

  4. How come there is written 40.7,car starts’ form 3-4 seconds,end rich 300km/h in 36 on video??????


  6. LOL nah, a stock M5 F10 will do 4.2 sec to 100 at its best pal.

  7. 40 sec to 300??? Gähn 🙁 take my bike…Need 18,2 sec 🙂 But, for rain is The Porsche great 😀

  8. La vidéo est simplement accéléré 😉

  9. 0-300 in 32 sec

  10. Love it!

  11. c’est 0-300 km/h sur le tacho, mais peut-être sur la gps le porsche prendt 40 sec pour 0-300 km/h

  12. Bmw m5 is faster, ha ha

  13. you will not ever drive m5 little cocksucker

  14. Good

  15. my dream car 🙂

  16. Good good ……

  17. Am I the only who noticed that this isn’t a panamera? Take a look at the drivers window. That’s a two door porsche. Most probably a 911 turbo but no way thats a 4 door panamera.

  18. BTW…… its AWD

  19. Wow im pretty sure it can kill a Bugatti!:)

  20. Putain !!! ça prouve encore que les français font mal leur travaille.40"7 de zero à trois cents,mdr. Franchement supprime cette video,tu fous la honte à ton pays mec

  21. Porsche is the best car in the WORLD !

  22. the best 4 doors car ever built.

  23. Oui c’est vrai pour l’histoire du GPS et pour faire de la vitesse faudra venir en Allemagne ^^

  24. You are right, now i get it. It is just an illusion because the driver’s seat hides the rear window. I though that little column was the drivers window when actually it is from the rear door. My apologies.

  25. they measure the speed through GPS satelites so the thing is car has a speed error,which is bigger at very high speeds so i guess they are correct.

  26. i thinking the same too. but if you check the back window has a little colomn which panamera is the only who has it. plus that this is a front engine porsche for sure.

  27. vem nimin dodge RAW!

  28. lol

  29. dat launch

  30. 0-100 in 40 sec VW T3 ^^

  31. WTF Man are you retarded? i used chronometer on my mobile phone result is 3.7 seconds so its your wrong see comentary on that video 1 guy has posted comment with results and not forget new one is 8 cylenders rear wheels drive so its not all wheels drive but 3.7 sec is pretty good use your chronometer correctly

  32. Just about the same acceleration as a LEXUS LFA!! And you can bring 3 girls with big tits!!

  33. vauxhall omega 2.0 16v estate less than 4 sec 0-60mph ………..everyone can do it on wet surface 😀

  34. ouais mais le compteur affiche pas la veritable vitesse 😉

  35. Faster than Audi R8 wich was tested on DRY track! Respect

  36. do setki doskonale. do 200 zresztą też. do 300 nienagannie. szkoda ze mnie nie stać na takie auto 🙁

  37. En réalité elle met 32"31

  38. 33 do setki nie 40.7

  39. I don’t even have a car lol

  40. type BMW M5 F10 see Magazine Motosport this video get your chronometer or using mobile phone chornometer start the video skip to 0:50 wait after 3 sec turn on chronometer and see result you need to be correct

  41. 33.0 no 40.7

  42. как он набрал скорость 0-300 за 40 секунд, если он тронулся с места на четвертой секунде и в момент когда скорость достигла 300км, отсчет стоял на 38 ой секунде?? 

  43. 0-300km/h in 40,7 sec ? Inscription appears at 0:37 sec so it cannot be 40,7sec. Starts at 0:03 and reaches 300km/h at 0:37 it is 34sec to 300km/h not 40,7 -,-

  44. this is stock turbo s?

  45. yep

  46. 33 seconds to 300!

  47. New M5 F10 !!!!!!!

  48. пиздежь  это все))

  49. ik porsche the faster car in the world from o to 60 hell ya

  50. my car does 0-100 in 11.9s :/

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