40 Years Apart – New and Old Porsche 911 Turbos – Magnus Walker

I had been searching for a 1975 930 for quite some time when I found a right hand drive one for sale in Australia. 1975 was the first year Porsche sold the 911 Turbo. They only made 285 and only 15 were right hand drive, so this is one rare car. Luckily my buddies at Autohaus Hamilton were able to go and check out the car for me and ship it my way. I’m pretty lucky to now have a 1975 Turbo in both left and right hand drive.

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  1. By any chance was this car sitting around in a place called Mittagong, I have seen a very similar 911 Tubro circa mid 70s…. its disappeared now haven’t seen it in a while

  2. Awesome vid and awesome car!! Colour Correction needs some attention.

  3. Mt. Baldy riding

  4. Great vid mate.

  5. Magnus im rebuilding my old 944 any tips I should know before I unleash it on the Houston streets

  6. Just stumbled across you and your passion for the car.Your one cool cat ,you can hangout with me anytime,would love to sit and chat cars,bikes and life.

  7. 5:34 awesome seeing them together.

  8. so he’s English and he’s never owned a right hand drive before?!? how?

  9. Awesome video, man… Really cool passion for them Porches you have there. Cheers!

  10. Magnus looking at both cars, decides to take the old one 🙂 great choice!

  11. I want to see him review the manual 991.2 GT3!

  12. they are so expensive now. :/

  13. Congrats very nice Porsche you have !!!
    Regards from MEXICO

  14. Hey Magnus are you ever going to make it up to Toronto?

  15. It’s kinda sad that youtubers that simply talk about their super cars with exhaust modifications get more views than videos like this

  16. Captivating story.

  17. super,,,,,,,

  18. MW, I had tears in my eyes, well put. Old school pedal to the metal

  19. I’m so glad you decided to make a YouTube channel I’m looking forward to your content

  20. You’re a great ambassador for the 911 brand! Pure joy and passion for the automobile’s history and development over the years, not merely someone who parks one in the garage as a status symbol.

  21. From the looks department you just can’t beat the retro

  22. This man is a legend or will be. Not many know it though.

  23. Magnus 🔝🔝

  24. sou muito fã do mar do Sul esporte

  25. Captivating story.

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