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  1. How did the car roll back? Didn’t you left in gear?

  2. That electronic hood release is unforgivably stupid over-engineering.  Still a great car, but that is sheer stupidity, especially on what is likely to be a second car.

  3. Nick where do I get that shirt from?

  4. Jesus, EVERY car has Ackermann steering geometry.

  5. "Life is what you make it" in the intro of a Porsche video – fantastic, Nick. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the useful scoop. I like your dogs and your monkey.

  7. I had to learn about jump starting the car the hard way in a grocery store. I couldn’t believe you had to put jumper cables on the fuse box instead just to get the frunk open. Why don’t they just have a mechanical way to open it?

  8. Loved this!! thanks Nick.

  9. Hidden cables accessible behind front and back lights are often a better option to open the lid (especially if the alarm system is locked, where plugging in a spare battery will just ruin your ears and potentially refuse to open) 🙂

  10. I have a 981 Boxster and I can confirm that the e-brake switch is the most stupid thing ever made, it always takes me a couple of pushes and pulls to engage it because it just works the opposite as it should be! But apart from this I love it, it’s even practical for the size having 2 boots front and rear with plenty of space for trolleys and bags

  11. that scene of you running towards the car is hilarious. also, thank god you have a long drive way

  12. The reason the green lever in the trunk opens the engine lid also, is if you disconnect your battery, you can still access your engine without requiring power…

  13. What’s the point of an electronic release for the front battery?

  14. Great video.

  15. This video was very insightful thank you. It made me rethink about buying a porsche

  16. When I was at my Dad’s house, his Turbo’s battery died and it took all day, going to get the battery, opening the frunk somehow getting the metal fucking strap off the battery, it was AIDS.

  17. silly but super useful. i agree with Albert that i would try to bump start first. after all its a manual.

  18. Great Video Nick – don’t worry about all of the stupid comments, those people have too much education and not enough real time O.J.T. experience

  19. Can’t watch car videos from someone who doesn’t apply the handbrake when parking. 💩

  20. Dear Mr annoying. Please do not make any more videos. Thank you

  21. Hey Nick, I have a manual M4 and I always leave the car in gear when parking. This will prevent the car from rolling if you forget to put the parking brake on.

  22. Tell the stuffed gorilla you can’t push start an F.I. car with a dead battery.

  23. Hi Nick. Great vid as always. Please do a vid on some of the tings your M4 had that the 911 doesnt

  24. Nice vid with v useful advice. Lovely 911 too.

  25. Wait, you dont put your manual car in a gear when you park? Why?

  26. 1. You have been fooled to believe that a German is epitome of success.
    2. You have over paid.
    3. You will never use the potential of your over engineered car.
    4. Your car is not as quick as a Tesla P100D’s 0 to 60 time i2.2 sec.
    5. Porsche is boring.

  27. Whether inadvertently or not, your song choice is basically straight of GTA: Vice City 😎 Not a bad thing.

  28. I put two old seat cushions in my garage aeons ago. Now I just drive up & onto them (front wheels only!). The cushions prevent the front tires from ‘flat spotting’.

    On my 993… I spent an afternoon ‘snaking’ individual lengths of nylon string to both trunk & hood latches. The spring tension on those latches is actually quite strong so a *lot* of pull force, devoid of leverage, is needed. I now have individual backups to opening my trunk & hood if the cables etc. ever fail.
    FWIW, that ‘spare battery & cables to a micro connector’ workaround is for the birds.

  29. Holy Shyte!!! That was close [re: car rolling out of the garage].

  30. Haha really enjoyed this one lol

  31. New subscriber. I have a 997.1 that I am going to upgrade soon. Thanks so much. You make great vids. Keep up the good work.

  32. Great video! your first two points are unbelievable ! especially the battery one lol! … nice method on the bolster too i might try it on my car.. not sure how effective it would be since the 911 is a bit low but i try to put my hand on the ledge of the car (bottom of chasis/door frame if that makes any sense), then guide myself into the seat (use to do this in my old car because of recaros!)

  33. lmoa you running for the 911s dear life killed me.

  34. I don’t even have one why am I watching this?

  35. glad that it seems like no damage to your car on the rolling part, but the system always warn you to park in P, otherwise, automatically hold the car if it’s incline/decline.

  36. A bit of an odd question but it’s a compliment. You have, possibly, THE cleanest video images/footage of anything I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Lighting was spot on. If you didn’t move too quickly, the autofocus was spot on. I saw a glimpse of a DSLR in one scene but couldn’t tell what it was. Can you tell me what camera(s)/lenses you used to shoot this? If you’re not working in video production, as a career, I’m pretty sure your work would be in demand. (Ok, maybe hide the lav’ mic a little better BUT…nice work!!) Thanks for making the video too! 🙂

  37. mercedes have the same ebrake

  38. Love the tip about protecting your side bolsters.

  39. where can i get this sweatshirt?

  40. You would have so much doing a Trackday at Lime Rock and it would be a great Vlog post! Go for Palmer Motorsports too!

  41. Everyone…most everyone has a battery charger in the garage. Use that for emergency power to your fuse box.

  42. I have experienced that bump on a Subaru legacy and I thought the only similarity was the boxer engine.

  43. Thanks Nick. I really found this helpful as I’m about to buy one.

  44. where do you put your phone when driving?phone mount advice?

  45. Good vid….would love a car like that but don’t have that kind of budget , 2008 cayman maybe , you seem like a nice guy , regards


  47. Only 1 comment then I’ll continue watching. You didn’t leave your car in gear after you thought you applied the parking brake?

  48. Crazy..put it in p at least it wont go back anyway

  49. Absolutely gorgeous house!!!!

  50. Weego Jump Starter – 149.00 (Amazon) This small, battery jump starter works fine – restarted my friends truck with it when he called for a jump. Its small enough to keep in the glove box or door pocket, and the jumper leads are small enough to work well with the terminal in your fuse box, but big enough to jump your battery as well. I also own a Chevy SUV, and have used it to jump my own vehicle, and the charger keeps a charge for months.

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