900hp Porsche 911 Turbo S – Amazing Exhaust Sound

A Porsche 911 991 Turbo S seen driving on the streets of London, with power boosted to 900hp via improved turbos and a fairly extraordinary exhaust system with no shortage of backfire crackles and bangs even at low speeds.

Filmed for Shmee150 by Harry, Shmee Team member.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  1. Ok help me out here….are you following this car or is it just driving in circles! When I’m in a car i get in drive to my destination and be done with it. My must have lots of free time on their hands in London.

  2. I have a feeling the driver of this beautiful car might crash it one day. judging by how late he brakes and his driving habits.

  3. I spotted This car in front of the Harrods 😀

  4. is that a manual then? he seems to be moving and reving, seems odd for a porsche

  5. Sorry but I don’t think it sounds that great.

  6. i think to enjoy a 10-15 miles p.h. best way to get a Sexy Targa GTS. yes its not faster then this, but anyway he drives only round that Harrods to show ho rich hi is. i mean generaly from that 900 horses, he using only 2-3 of them :)))

  7. with turbo sound sucks

  8. damn oil sheikh

  9. what wheels are those

  10. Im more of a sls sound guy

  11. we got arab money!

  12. Exhaust notes translate to- come at me, tuned gtr

  13. Evo showboating in the end 😛

  14. I got woken up last night by that same Porsche.

  15. An exhaust that emits gun fire! Where do I sign up?

    Stunning in white!

  16. Why all the Arab cars in London?

  17. Look at me,I have a small dick and I am a muslim virgin (if we dont count the goats)

  18. the new 991s are starting to grow on me. That black top helped alot.

  19. oh look at all these supercars doing 10mph…

  20. Awesome video! 😀
    That Evo at the end ruined the video though…

  21. Beautiful Porsche!

  22. Travel with car to London to drive about doing laps. How fucking gay.

  23. Take THAT Greenpeace!

  24. Qatar represent🇶🇦

  25. hey Shmee do you know what company makes these kind of upgrades for it?

  26. Crazy mitsu drivers

  27. does some one know what exhaust system is it?

  28. Where and how did the owner mod his Turbo 2? I think that is the sexiest Turbo S I’ve ever seen

  29. I opened this in a new tab and thought the sound was a lawn mower

  30. Any idea what year the car is?

  31. i love the car i really do mate but could you tone down the "im a saudi attention whore"? No hate just telling you how it looks to non car enthusiasts !

  32. I’d love to see that wannabe dickhead in the Evo back-end the Porsche.

  33. the GT3 sounds better

  34. Does anybody know the manufactor of the exhaust?

  35. Nothing compares to the amg exhaust

  36. I wonder how many times this poser went thru sloane street

  37. Someone with a good taste. About time.

  38. that’s the best 911 Turbo S I’ve ever seen

  39. Looked really cool and sounded very aggressive for a turbo as well! 🙂

  40. やっぱり、911ターボSは別格。車の中ではカッコかわいい部門No.1だと思う。あとエンジン音が最高!

  41. It’s mostly the younger generations in their sports cars and C63s that cause havoc on central London roads. I think it is wrong that the Arabs in their supercars get such a negative stigma when they tend to drive moderately and with respect.

  42. nice evo 4

  43. I thought europe drives on the left side not the right

  44. Yes it does sound fab, but that SMILEY FACE!!!?…. gah! I just cant lose that face Porshe have added to their line up. How can you not see that!??  You must be blind!  

  45. why would you own a car like that in Europe?

  46. Watching all the twin turbo lambos and GTR’s has corrupted my mind. I actually thought oh it’s only got 900hp then realise how much that is

  47. Wow! Only if a Porsche sounded like that stock

  48. will a turbo make any exhaust pop and crackle like that?

  49. And it runs on 93 Octane? Who did the mods. Would have liked to know more about it. Exhaust sounds good though. I am a fan of iPE. 

  50. The Guy with the Mitsubishi be like, hey guys I can rev to! Pup!

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