911 Modified by Singer – Porsche 911 Tribute – Top Gear – Series 20 – BBC

Although the new Porsche 911 is really quite marvellous, James takes a spin in a 911 modified by Singer Vehicle Design – a custom built tribute car that cherry picks the best bits from 50 years of 911 history. And it creates something really quite special.

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  1. some singers are made out of carbon great work

  2. Not really a 911 fan but I so want that car it may not set any drag race records. But the attention to detail is so astonishing it’s mind boggling.


  4. The quality of this car is amazing, the attention to detail and the passion put into building each car. Speechless.

  5. l love everything about this film.

  6. "A love letter to a car"… Bring back Top Gear. 😢

  7. I like it but that interior… absolutely atrocious. If I ever had the money to make one I would change the inside and the side mirrors besides that it’s excellent

  8. Well, who can reimagined a 993

  9. Does anyone know what the.. piano song is called?

  10. It must be kind of awkward when you have to explain to people how you’re a devoted 911 enthusiast.

  11. I just love these cars but after driving one during pre-purchase. I realized that all these reviews are very very overrated. yes it looks absolutely classy and jaw dropping beautiful. yes it performs well, very well for car that looks original in 60s and 70s. now that said, it felt like reshelled 997. driving was nearly identical and opening the hood and seeing crossworth and singer logo made it very clear that it’s not a true classic. incase you can’t imagine how I’ve felt, next time you go to a car show and see a classic Mustang, charger, or any other muscle and see modern drive train, ask for drive along and if you’re lucky enough to get that experience, you’ll know what I’m talking about. plus the price, if it cost around 100k or even 150k I would have bought 1 but nearly 400k and more, no im ok and ill keep my new GT3 RS.

  12. wow

  13. According to Top Gear cosworth just fettles with engines, they don’t actually tune them



  16. Woah James can actually drift…

  17. I feel Chris Harris’ review did the car more justice regarding its specialness. The attention to detail is astonishing. Did like James’ statement about it being a love letter to a car, rather poetic.

  18. 911 Singer forever…the best romantic racing classic street car of the world….Thanks Top Gear…!!!

  19. RUF took notice and now the yellow bird is back! yay

  20. I want a Singer so bad

  21. Gotta love James May

  22. that is the prettiest car ever

  23. I’ve driven a friends Singer. 4,000 man hrs goes into each one. That’s less than $100 an hr. Amazing cars. When you figure that a 70’s 230hp 930 sells for $250k, these cars start to make sense. The car is kept numbers matching, and Singer’s reputation means that it will hold it’s value.

  24. Anybody know the name of the first song?

  25. Captain Slow can drive!!!

  26. Can anybody tell me the music playing right at the very beginning?

  27. First song title?

  28. Grand Tour is great but I miss the o.g. Top Gear…never will be quite the same

  29. the singer’s EPIC!!

  30. I don’t like Porsches, but that’s one that I do like.

  31. anyone know the name of the piano song in the background?

  32. Un reportaje espectacular,estos tíos de top gear son unos fenómenos

  33. Porschephiles aren’t the most logical lot

  34. This goes to 11. That’s more than 10. So, why not just make 10 higher? No, no….this goes to 11!

  35. 5:21 sound name plz

  36. what is the song in the background?

  37. Best 911 ever

  38. If I have enough money someday, I want a Singer 911. Such an amazing looking car

  39. So glad to see this in full screen. Love the 911. Thanks.

  40. anyone know the song at 10 seconds in?

  41. or you could just buy a ’65-73 911…..

  42. 3:54 That engine noise…

  43. Good god that’s a beautiful car.

  44. Its Aluminum

  45. 11. One louder than 10…😂

  46. WITCHCRAFT!!!!

  47. best

  48. 4000 man hours? If that isn’t B.S. I want a job at Singer!

  49. Where can I buy one of these?

  50. I asked my mom how this looked, she said she doesn’t like it because it looks like a frog, my friends don’t like it because it’s "slow as shit"

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