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  1. I was going to sell my Passat but then Chris said "It’s a very nice car". Also my Passat has 170hp.

  2. Liter motor? You mean litre right?

  3. Don’t knock a VW Passat diesel, they go fo ever.

  4. He gets on 3 wheels at 8:52!!!!

  5. can I have the name of the dog ghearbox?

  6. I collect shift knobs & I agree with you. I want 1 of those knobs too.

  7. Good for you.

  8. Why does he whisper so much?

  9. The sound of money exploding!..I would have it no other way !

  10. Love this video. More videos like this.

  11. 0:41 – AVANTI!

  12. amen brother
    bits and pieces are interesting in other parts of Drive (depending on car), but I scramble to escape when I see 2 Americans sitting in some small studio trying to be funny (regardless of the somewhat promising material the title suggests).
    and the Drive Clean segments can be well done, but it annoys me for philosophical reasons..

  13. Porker.

  14. 1000 kg, 345hp and geared to do 120mph. fuck me…

  15. that looks fun

  16. 9:07 right front wheel in air in a 70’s porsche only chris can do it… 🙂

  17. haha well spotted!

  18. what causes that little whine whistle sound?

  19. instantly searched "belgian rally escort" lol

  20. Awesome classic driving experience

  21. Love Chris Harris but who writes the subtitles? Are they deaf?!

  22. Dogs big bits!!

  23. What "test track" on the Midlands of England was he driving on?

  24. Nice air at @6:29

  25. prick

  26. Good of him to explain the whole Passat situation, even if it was just out of pride, but why if that really is the case did he explain it on a video of him driving a mate’s car, for which he surely did not spend much money? Seems weirdly out of place.

  27. Cris Harris killed topgear…

  28. fuchs wheels the best

  29. Is this a 911 Turbo or n/a?

  30. Chris is no joke!

  31. WEVO makes that shift knob. type in wevo sl shift knob to your search engine

  32. What is a dog gearbox? I’m a mechanic, english just isnt my native language… can someone explain?

  33. tu conduis comme une teub tu manges tout les bas coté de la route …

  34. If Chris hadn’t told us what it were and you closed your eyes and merely listened to the sound of the engine, the speed of the shifts, and the quickness to which the pitch changed you’d think this were a modern pikes peak car. 

  35. I love the transmission whine!

  36. which porsche 911 model is that? it has an amazing look (i know the original isn’t as wide as that)

  37. Chris….finally a car that suits your driving style…SIDEWAYS.

    Glad you saved your resources to drive one for us!

    The heck with pdk & electric and 4 wheel steering.

  38. That moment when you find one of these episodes that you missed, for whatever reason, and it’s better than Christmas.

  39. Got the tone just perfect

  40. I want that shift knob very, very badly. Anyone know what it is?

  41. I have the exact same Passat. They are good driving cars and make for great family haulers.  
    Also, let me just say that Neil is a brave MF’er for some of those camera shots. See 9:22 

  42. Chris isn’t happy unless he has the ass hung out.  I’d love to see him in a sprint car on dirt.

  43. not i see it many times

  44. beautiful car, but in rallying you can not equip a Porsche with an engine of 3.5 liters and is good only the original gearbox!

  45. Looks more than bloody good fun!

  46. I have to get a shifter like that. must have it!

  47. Chris you shoulda gotten an 80’s 190D. Maybe the 2.5 Turbo version. instead of a Passat as a daily drive.

  48. Sry jaoa 8:50 …..

  49. Love this car 🙂 <3

  50. Any video that starts with an older Porsche 3 wheeling around a corner IM IN HELLS YEAH

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