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  1. GTA7 trailer

  2. so, I know why British people want Brexit..

  3. Typical wogs.

  4. Stupid bastard ever -__-

  5. Damn, that UK Police response time is almost as bad as America’s.

  6. des arabes de merde

  7. You racist commentators would not dare to say the things you say on you-tube to someones face. Pretty pathetic really. I guess it makes you sad life’s a bit more bearable though.. so carry on. Cowards! So many people like this. I say be a man tell someone to their face what your problem is with it… if you can’t do that just keep your prejudices to yourself.

  8. oh my god the mercedes!!

  9. 3 rd world ‘europe’….

  10. 2 pakis having a fight.

  11. Is it any wonder we want to control immigration when you see behaviour like this on our streets. If these ethnics want to behave like thugs that’s ok. Just go back to your own countries to do it.

  12. what a shithole London is .

  13. The black BMW driver was winding up the other driver too much, he didn’t deserve that and it was stupid but cleanly there was a lot of provocation

  14. Listen carefully at 1.55 sounds like one of the twats shouts "I’ll rape your other sister"…..flipping charming. They should be behind bars where scum like this belong.

  15. RAM !!!!!!

  16. lol just funny

  17. fucking bmw twats

  18. Typical Pakistani acting tough and rich…

  19. These assholes look like Islamics to me. Let them kill each other, save the white race the trouble.

  20. Poor kid

  21. kick those arabs out of london please.

  22. How many idiots can you count?

  23. Anybody else notice both these idiots had illegal registrations on there cars.

  24. uncivilised

  25. That’s Great Eastern Street

  26. These are people causing trouble that normally wouldn’t happen in the streets of London


  28. ‘Bossin’

  29. Pakis or arabs. London has gone to shit, so glad I don’t live there.

  30. Only scum have this mentality. "Badman" culture like this is literally plague.

  31. smartest thing said in the entire video "how you gonna look after your kids blud?"

  32. Oil money

  33. I’m glad that car almost crashed into you at 2:40 because it forced you to take your finger off the lens.

  34. The cops were like Oh Yeah… WOW Really…now? hahaha let me know how it went (QQ)

  35. Poor Mercedes

  36. Быдло английское)

  37. Welcome to London, where multiculturalism is amazing.

  38. That’s a clean White BMW to be honest…

  39. Typical blacks. Savages.

  40. Did he say "I am a box a?" I would have said "I am a shoot A!"

  41. classic there both muslim cunts fucking chavs

  42. well the entire thing makes no sense. the white bmw could exit the situation far earlier or keep his window wound up and save opening the door.. But its easy to judge after it happens.

  43. what a bunch of Gimps

  44. These are people causing trouble that normally wouldn’t happen in the streets of London

  45. is that guy pulling his arm muscle saying ‘look at this’?

  46. If that was a black man everybody would be shooting him already lol

  47. Haha hope he snapped th cunts leg

  48. londinistan

  49. Did he drive the motherfucker down GOOD. Fucking arrogant moron showing his muscles in the middle of the road as if he is made out of Iron. Fucking stupid prick. There were children in the car you fucking hot blooded Arab prick.

  50. Two wannabe gangsters waving handbags zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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