What does it take to become a legend? Hear the brand new Akrapovic exhaust system for Porsche 911 GT3 (991), and experience a new dimension of this legendary car.

Emission notice:!/emission-notice

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  1. why are my eyes sweating? SOMEONE PLZ HELP!!!!!

  2. are you guys going to make akrapovic for saleen s7?

  3. shieeeeeeeettttt those set of downshifts from 30 seconds

  4. what the music?

  5. Very well done. If I had a Porsche I’d come calling.

  6. This is what I’d like to play now at night, before going to bed XD

  7. Hockenheim-Ring + great sounding Porsche 😀

  8. My god

  9. i see a check engine light

  10. How do i get a voice like this…

  11. Absolutely perfect

  12. Does this type of exhaust still have the catalytic Converters?

  13. What specific exhaust was used in this video as i am about to purchase from Enzo but not sure of the one that sound like this

  14. Wow, amazing i am speechless

  15. What foil is on the car which brand makes the foil? and the rear lights are different too from which brand?

  16. Please make exhaust systems for F1 cars of today. They sound shit.

  17. What is The name of The bacground Song?

  18. I think the IPE for GT3 sounds better than this. It screams higher and louder.

  19. Wow… Love the setup!

  20. Like movie wow.. sound fucking nice

  21. please make the new 911 with the turbos sounds like this.

  22. ORGASM!

  23. COOL ! ❤

  24. woow one of the best exhaust systems for the gt3

  25. 2:33 was that Jürgen Alzen?

  26. weighs 14KG LESS? Wow. And I thought the GT3 would already come with a pretty lightweight system. Imagine how much weight you’d take out of the "regular" Carrera S.

  27. Akarapovič has always been my favourite exhaust motorcycle and car.

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