All New 2016 BMW X1 XDRIVE 28i / Quick BMW Review

Next Generation 2016 BMW X1 Xdrive 28i in Black Sapphire Metallic. Premium, Driver’s Assistance & Technology Packages. Harman Kardon Premium Sound System & LED Headlights with Cornering Lights. MSRP is 46,770 USD. 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds. Exhaust Sound. BMW Review. Car Review. Thumbs Up! ***** Join my social family at – TSU People’s Network – use my link – tsu.co/scottbmwsmith (copy & paste it) and then click on the Join button. Upload pictures of your favorite vehicles that you see around town and the one your driving. Thanks *****

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  1. How do you make the lights flicker?

  2. Hey Scott, I read one of your posts on BMW page in which u requested BMW to like or make ur channel BMW approved. I dont know if they have done it or not But there is one thing that nobody can deny is that u r Phenominal. You are the Best Scott !!!

  3. Thank you Scott for this great review, i got this car last week and i love it!

  4. Does it have phone charging for your phone

  5. I would buy my bmw one day off you

  6. The BMW X1 is really nice, and Vanessa is breathtakingly beautiful… hard to focus on the car.

  7. doesnt sound as good with the standard 4 cyl shame oh well beautiful vehicle though

  8. how much is the price?

  9. So sad no XDrive 35i

  10. thank you another great review!;)

  11. this or 3 series?

  12. New X1 look realy very good

  13. Made In Germany ! The Best Part Of Your Demo…

  14. Does the moonroof have a way to cover the glass? I don’t want to get sun burned.

  15. Is this awd?

  16. The new generation x1 looks great. Good improvement from the previous one..

  17. In Portugal I Drove the 1.6. Nice power for a 1.6 Diesel.

  18. I Love your reviews. Thanks!
    I am interested in buying X3 – @95050. Any suggestions for a good deal?

  19. Nice car. 46,770$? Wow! The same one (xdrive 25i) here in Germany is easily > 58,000$

  20. does the x4 has the electronic break too ?

  21. Vanessa is hottest one you have!

  22. my question is that does the does the audio system support bluetooth teachnology?

  23. It body get bigger and become sleek. I thought it was a x3 first time I saw it. Beamers win the competition nowadays 💯

  24. Didn’t look like you were using an iPhone. Your auto focus and overall focus would improve if you could get your hands on a 6s plus.

  25. Hey Scot,
    Just wanted to thank you for all the great videos ! I’m a young new Sales consultant up north in Canada and I’m learning a ton from your awesome videos.

  26. Should I get Mini Countryman S 2017 or X1 XDrive?
    They looks the same from technology perspective, can I just say they are same car just with different styling?

  27. Why is there still an optical disc drive…when was the last time anyone used a CD/DVD as a music or video source?

  28. Hi Scott,
    I watched almost all of your videos about BMW X1. I don’t find any of related to BMW X1 s Drive 18d.
    Currently I am having 1 Series 118d Sports and thinking to go for BMW X1 SE sDrive 18d (Europe). Do you have any suggestions?
    I saw many blogs about this car and they have nice mileage. Value for money and complete family car.

    Thanks in advance.

  29. The camera work on this review gave me a headache. Other than that, it was an okay review…..but maybe try and practice keeping the camera from being so jittery. This is not The Blair Witch Project.

  30. Where is Scott finding all of these love goddesses from??

  31. ORDERED! Went for the UK version 18d xline with added moon roof, electric mirrors, lumbar support, enhanced nav pack and bigger fuel tank. A little over£5k of extras. sounds like a lot and tbh I wouldn’t have gone for if i hadn’t been where I am in my life
    Fuck it right?. This vehicle is incredible to drive. I’m planning a whole European tour in it and I can also easily fit my drums inside for local gigs. Pretty much my perfect car.

  32. i have got an used x1 of 2012model should I have it

  33. Glc

  34. New X1 has very good looks, i disliked older model. Ive never owned a new BMW so im itchy to check it out but cost of repairs worries me. Im thinking about that X1 and Hyundai Tucson.

  35. inlove with inside of the vehicle 🚘

  36. super

  37. Does vanessa come with the car??

  38. hi vanessa ,you are more beautiful than the car

  39. Nice review, This one is a better package compared to the outgoing x1. Definitely worth the price

  40. Hey Scott, if you attach a polarising filter to your phone’s camera, you could cut down on those reflections.

  41. Vanessa is sexy, she deserves a better car.

  42. nice, is the 2017 better

  43. Really looking forward to get this car hopefully I can find the goo d deal

  44. is It make in Brazil??

  45. Love ur vids Scott, but where do u take ur videos? California?

  46. klass

  47. very good job on the review thanks

  48. Anytime Scott

  49. Love bmw nice car I love the style and u explained it so well Scott I want a new bmw one day and this one I love have a great day Joe g from Boston

  50. Beautiful upgrade, awesome captivating but of all make one desire to pruchase and drive also

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