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  1. Nice car- sounds great. And folks- please remember to pronounce the "e" in Porsche!

  2. good one niklas

  3. Will the rs5 have the same sports exhaust?

  4. porra, fica tapando essa merda

  5. Hey

  6. Damn,fucking nice this car and that sound.
    How much the yearly cost this car?

  7. Do u have the sports exhaust? And is it on?

  8. 0:36 avion f16 rus

  9. this is sport optional exhaust ?

  10. Porn in 4 doors

  11. I’m obsessed with this car from 2017. Before I wasn’t that impressed. But now?????? Oh my god.

  12. im definitely going to buy this car one day its a hundred percent facts

  13. This car have Sport exhaust ??

  14. Deiner? ^^

  15. one of my favourite cars

  16. nice video , pls more 🙂 ambient light in night ok

  17. spend a pile of cash on Panamera – get toasted by Alfa Romeo lol

  18. Those are pretty ugly wheels

  19. Schick issa ja!


  21. what are its competitors?

  22. For a biturbo, this sounds great!

  23. did this come with Porsche Sport Exhaust? happy with the sound?

  24. Soud like vw beetle 1990

  25. nimm mich Mal nächstes Mal mit 😀

  26. Sounds good for not being the sport version ,but there is need for more 🙂

  27. Sound pretty mean in those tunnels for not being the sport exhaust

  28. I’m just say. . . AMAZING

  29. At the end of the day, it still looks like a funeral car… just saying…

  30. is this with the sports exhaust or the standard?

  31. Mein Traum Auto hammer Porsche

  32. 갖고싶다.돈이없다

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