All-new Porsche Panamera: What you need to know – FULL REVIEW Panamera 4S V6 2017 neu – Autogefühl

See the Porsche Panamera Turbo on the racetrack and more about the technology:
Check out the World Premiere:

timecode index Porsche Panamera 4S review:
01:13 Exterior
03:57 Interior
07:11 Driving

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  1. good

  2. For the same price I can get an Audi R8 v10 plus

  3. Grandpa, please tell me, when is the release of the Panamera GTS. Thank you

  4. "A Porsche sports car with four seats." Thats a 911 lol

  5. Hi holger, nice review. I was wondering, is your surname Polish?

  6. Right on, Holger! I’m in love w/ the new Panamera. Love the front. Love the back. Love the engine. Love the interior. …Love it. It’s an improvement in every way.
    Oh, did I say I like it?

  7. Ugly exterior in my opinion.

  8. hello. great review.
    will there be an English version of for international community?

  9. Thomas come back please😔

  10. I think the photography of the car in this video is excellent. Respect to the camera man.

  11. Holger, excellent of a much anticipated car for many. Just one ?, how is the noise level in the car ( either road or engine noise)? Well….in Singapore looks like I will need Ksgd 600+ to get the base model!!!! Need a lottery strike!

  12. good presentation, even that I would rather see original Thomas with his in-depth-car-review-style video with 50:00+ minute video

    **for more clear presenter voice you should use more audio compressor and higher volume of this audio signal… then get rid of low frequencies with low pass filter under 150Hz and a boost between 3500-10.000Hz for more clear voice ;)-

  13. Very good review guys. Keep it up.

  14. please test the diesel version of the panamera.

  15. Guys you know I appreciate all your reviews, this one included, but for Gods sake use your camera to get a decent perspective and scale of the car interior. Now I have to wait for the video review from your competing channels ( to get some sense of the car. It would take you like 2 minutes to do it.

  16. Best interieur I have ever seen !!
    The new Panamera looks so much better than the old one and appears very elegant and sporty !!

  17. Many thanks for your review, Holger.  You seemed to really like the car – a great car. But as you said in your sum-up, you have to have plenty of money to own a new Panamera!   I liked the interior virtual cockpit, and design – they have integrated it beautifully – although we didn’t see many images of the detail!   Anyway, keep up the good work, many thanks.

  18. Always enjoy your reviews Holger. Thank you!

  19. Really hope this comes with a manual transmission

  20. Truely exceptional video!

  21. Great review Holger!! That’s an amazing interior, the Macan could benefit with a facelift in the interior to get rid of some buttons. Virtual cockpit is a beautiful piece of technology and Porsche has done a great job to implement it in the Panamera. Exterior design is still controversial one can love or hate it

  22. I feel the like center analog clock is a design flaw. They could’ve place it in the center console or get rid of it.

  23. nahh your not as good as thomas or the indian guy. I was really excited about this review until I watched and was really disappointed with your review. hope next video will be from thomas or indian guy

  24. Wunderschönes Auto. Auch für diesen Bericht bekommt ihr ein Daumen hoch.

  25. Is he reading a script whilst driving? He’s always looking at the dash?!

  26. great video … I like Panamera.

  27. Just get rid of that fucking analog clock already! Everything else is perfect on this car!

  28. Pussybility 😂 4:26

  29. Diesel or Petrol Engine?

  30. Yes it is better than the previous generation, but it is no where near the Tesla model S.

  31. Thank you Holger for your work, i really love this car

  32. Why don’t you speak German?

  33. Excellent review, I really enjoyed that. Thank you Holger!
    Has Thomas enlisted the assistance of a relative to cover the additional successful review work?
    Holger are you Thomas’ Father, Uncle or older brother?
    ;- )

  34. Are You Thomas’ father? 🙂

  35. he sounds like a merchant from video game

  36. they put the 911 rear on it and gave it the macan tail lights

  37. Thanks so much, Holger- out of my price range, but what a sweet car! Shame it has to go the gentlemen stealing our pensions…

  38. nice center Konzzolll !

  39. best looking sedan imo. 4.0 v6 d is what will most likely sell the most. so please review it, not just the interior, but also how fast. even for a desil its important to be fast

  40. love this all-new 2017 porsche. my only downfall is that I wish they made a 5 seater instead of just a 4 seater 🙁

  41. If they make a coupe, we could see a modern 928. Provided they don’t mess it up.

  42. Love the new redesign!!!

    The old Panamera drove well but wasn’t very good looking. This new one though, damn, looks beautiful!!!

  43. glad I subbed!

  44. I liked it a lot!

  45. Where is Thomas?

  46. Frast let’s talk about Porsche" hahaha im dead 😂

  47. good porsche new- panamera !excellent car

  48. I really like you all the German folks of Autogefuhl!

  49. is that a relative of thomas’?

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