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  1. hahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Nice video wish I could do that

  3. 0:37 to 0:43 is why I love me some jdm. I’ll take a jap import over any super/hyper car.

  4. I wish my weed wacker sounded that good.

  5. Do a 70 Plymouth

  6. WWaaaaaaaooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME MY BROTHER!!!! AWESOME!!! YOUR THE BEST!

  7. holy crap his subaru actually souned like a impreza fired up

  8. The car sounded like a ricer I can do better

  9. Thumbs if ur watchin in 2k16

  10. 3:11 Diaria?

  11. What

  12. My name is Danny too

  13. "D:DLD:DD:D"D:D:DD::DDD

  14. I bet he does great with the ladies

  15. I can imagine in the future all these guys will be sitting around making these noises remembering the day before the combustion engine ceased to exist .

  16. This guy looked like borat

  17. farts

  18. 2:54 it’s Polish Fiat 126p 🙂

  19. That was a sick Subaru sound! That legit sounded like a Subaru WRX STI!

  20. Holy shit the v6 sounded mean af!

  21. I used to watch this video everyday 😂

  22. Is it possible to like a video more than once? I have to know.

  23. so cool

  24. dirt bike was good

  25. he does really good impersonations of cars

  26. thumbs up if you are watching in 2017

  27. Lol weed Wacker shit was funny

  28. 😮wow totally cool

  29. How

  30. i bet, there is a massive bong somewhere behind them 🙂

  31. anyone watching in 2017

  32. first car sound is ricer

  33. The dirt bike is on point.

  34. Don’t you just hate it when
    your car runs out of breath.

  35. i watched this when i was in 6th grade.

  36. Tatsuya Suou be like,

  37. 😂

  38. can he do a handa civic with an exost

  39. Sounds even better wearing beer muffs! Dude you are sick!

  40. Seeing this video again years later still amazes me. I wonder where this guy is now

  41. 😂 7 years later and it’s still one of my favorite videos

  42. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. But where are they all now?

  44. Ricers…

  45. yo i could do amazing sound of ufo,nasa,paras ju,tank,torpedo,and such more,,,,,=,r

  46. Damn this is dope

  47. nice.. i cant do it mate.
    please make a video that teach us how to do that amazing car sound.
    thank you…. NICE AIR COOLED LOLOL

  48. Watch Watch Watch Watch

  49. it’s on point but his faces are funny

  50. 2017

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