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  1. Beautiful song

  2. This was made in Philadelphia right?

  3. Memories is what this song brings to me. Take’s me back to good time’s.

  4. Beautiful!~ Thanks~

  5. mtt bom 😝😝😝😝😝

  6. Found this band just 3 days back and I’m so glad I did.

  7. Br? ‘-‘

  8. i’ve watched this video 4 years ago and atomicfriendo was an active troll back then hahaha good job i hope to see you until anberlin retires :P~~

  9. Man I just had my studio beats on through my HTC one listening to one of your uploaded songs..chose another but this ad came on, me not realising the volume was full crank from the last one..and I gotta tell ya..I ‘almost’ literally craped mi pants..haha. cheers heaps for the tunes bro!

  10. I first heard this on the iTunes Radio. I fell in love it…!!!

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  12. Nov 28th 2016.

  13. T U w C C – has stood the test of time as a most epic musical creation for me ..personally

  14. i miss anberlin so much 🙁

  15. ❤️

  16. one of the best songs off one of the best all-time albums by one of the best all-time bands.

  17. I still wonder to this day why they filmed most of it in my crappy neighborhood, but in the end the images make it just for this song 🙂

    Location of the video took place in Philadelphia (neighborhoods shown to the best of my knowledge: Kensington, Fishtown, Center City, and Old City)

  18. I always love good Christian bands.

  19. can some of you please tell me what this song means to you, or what it’s about for you? I’m curious . I don’t usually publicly talk about this, especially on YouTube? but.. my mother passed from an overdose awhile back and it reminds me of her and I feel like these are the words I would have liked to give to her while she was struggling..

  20. this song makes me weep… its a message that Anberlin gave to us about our lives.. our struggles, our loneliness… This is a reminder to love every living soul

  21. Been lookin for this song for longest since halo 3 came out I finally found it

  22. anberlin sucks :)-~

  23. I always cry during "you’re so brilliant, don’t soon forget" cuz I’ve been through a LOT during the past with depression, etc. so I’m thankful for this song <3

  24. One of my favs. Can hear it over and over.

  25. What makes us who we are?
    Eyes? Hair? Race? Sex?
    Who will you… love?
    Who will you… trust?
    Where is home?
    What hardships will you face?
    What hardships will you overcome?
    What makes you happy?
    What are your passions?
    If you could… do it all over again…
    What would you change?
    Relationships? Choices? Direction?
    What experience would you relive?
    What will you… achieve?
    What will you… be remembered for?
    Don’t Drop Your Arms.

  26. Such a great song

  27. …one of my favorite Anberlin songs….

  28. This video is so where I am right now.  If I were to change one thing about this song, it’d be to change, "it’s the choices that make us who we are" to "it’s the choices that tell us who we are."  My choices change as I change, not the other way around.

  29. I miss Anberlin so much. Stephens heart can be felt through all their music, and it reaches right through those speaker to grab hold of me. Im so glad I saw them live, it was the most grateful performance I’ve ever seen.

  30. Really beautyfull anberlin…tienen canciones muy emotivas y positivas…love this band since i was 17…

  31. I definately sense a bit of the Christianity in this song.  I tend to look at only the concepts behind stories.  I believe this band did a good job of including the story of salvation in the bible in this song, yet kept it subtle enough where it only comes out as beautiful lyrics.  

  32. ‘You’re so brilliant. Don’t soon forget.’

  33. отличная композиция..

  34. "Listening for voices
    But it’s the choices that make us who we are".

    It doesn’t matter how much time passes by, I can always relate to these lyrics. Sometimes I’m not pleased with the choices I made, but I have to learn and let them go…


  36. Ésta canción salvó mi día, la música no decepciona jamás ~

  37. coração até dói 💔 que saudade…

  38. this song breaks my heart 💔 I miss then so much

  39. I just did my first cover for this song. I love it 🙂 Anberlin will be missed </3


  41. Underrated song.

  42. after all this time, the song still resonates within me… breathtaking…

  43. So happy atomicfriendo hasn’t found this video yet.

  44. still <3 this 😀

  45. Good song.

  46. I’m learning to play this on the guitar. It’s fairly easy for the most part but I’m still a beginner, so some parts are difficult.

  47. I get goosebumps every time I hear this…

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