Assetto Corsa 2017 Porsche 911 RSR Review presents our review of the brand new 2017 Porsche 911 RSR in Assetto Corsa. The 911 RSR has been released along with V1.31 of Assetto Corsa on the PC, and is available for free if you have already purchased the Porsche Pack Volume III that was released at the end of 2016.

The question becomes, should you go out and buy the Porsche Volume III pack just to drive the 911 RSR?

We think so.

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  1. these new wheel designs are not goof from a sim racers point of view. I have my own wheel in front of me. I do not need a second virtual one. This isn’t gran turismo. Completely ruins the immersion.

  2. started watching and already first thing, you dont like sounds in assetto because they dont sound good compare to other sims? what kind of logic is that. compare it to real life bro

  3. F1 is back in a few hours weee

  4. you should adjust your driving style. You’re getting a lot of push from the front end of the car. New GT race cars require you to v-cut corners and not feed the throttle. Treat the throttle more like an on/off switch and make sure to reduce the delay between hitting the apex of a corner and getting on throttle. It seems you’re decelerating even after you reach the apex.

  5. I too have an issue with their combining of GT2/GTE class (GTE evolved from GT2) with GT3 cars, they have different balances between mass, tires, and horsepower. GT3 spec allows for up to 600BHP (and in exceptions above that point) while GTE is really hard capped at 500BHP with less power for lower mass vehicles. GT3 spec cars can use ABS and GTE spec cars have better tires, I know you can just create a custom field giving you only GTE spec cars or GTE/GT2 spec cars in it. Though in real life the old GT2 spec cars wouldn’t be competitive with modern GTE spec cars due to changes in regulations.

  6. music at the start of the video is a excellent change you should make it your theme music slow things down a bit … makes the cars faster

  7. Patch 1.31 for Assetto Corsa, John?…..Where have I been the last few months {ha, ha, ha}

  8. Does the game come w/ standard cars or do u need a dlc

  9. Dude… you gotta get "helicorsa". It’s an app that shows cars around you when they are not drawn within view.

  10. that intro is sex

  11. AC still doesn’t convince me. The cars are looking awesome, but I see a huge discrepancy between the good-looking cars, the graphics, and the sounds. It’s all about taste

  12. slow motion…………..

  13. Is this car a GT3 or GT2

  14. Some GT3 cars can take Eau Rouge and Raidillon pretty quickly as well. I saw a POV video of a BMW Z4 GT3 from 2014 and the driver nearly took it flat. There might have been a hint of a very minor lift but its hard to tell from the audio with the car bottoming out. However, the other GT3 cars that I have watched don’t seem to be able to do the same.

  15. Nice vid John – definitely a gorgeous car to drive as well as the aesthetics. Helicorsa ( & Crew chief ( will add a lot to your racing for opponent awareness. Link for Crew Chief is in the Project Cars forums but its usable in many sims through a drop down list in app.

  16. Nice

  17. this channel just makes me sad

  18. What I also love about AC is the steering angles are realistic for each car. The RSR has very sensitive steering in real life but take the Chevy c7.r which has less sensitive steering, AC replicates this so well. If you watch YouTube videos and compare the RSR to the Chevy, you’ll see the driver in the Chevy turns the wheel much more than the RSR driver to get the car round the same corner. AC has implemented this very very well

  19. it "seems" to me that the ai is one long train 😲. there is no battling going on.

  20. the rear just looks redonculous

  21. Try out the Helicorsa App for PC, its a mod that gives you a mini radar.

  22. Nice work John Boy!!! Your last lap looks like my every lap with A.I. LOL!!!

  23. AI line is bad in Spa, AI can’t take Eau Rouge fast. This custom AI line by track modder LilSki is imo much better, they don’t get stuck in Eau Rouge anymore:

  24. AC already had 2 GTLM cars and one ALMS GT2.. so now we have 3 GTLM cars.. so its not like we have NO GTLM cars.. and Pcars screwed up on their 2 cars big time

  25. "First 911 to be mid engine"….

    Forgets about the GT1 911.

  26. You overtake more cars off the track than on.

  27. when playing Assetto Corsa on the Rift how do you get it to only display on the center monitor? I want to record/capture my in game footage but it’s currently impossible since the image is stretched across 3 displays and it looks terrible. any help would be awesome.

  28. I made a mod which makes the ai faster at points like Blanchimont and Eau Rouge

  29. Outstanding racing. You did just what I’d end up doing on the last lap; too funny!

  30. The AI did not look 98% to me

  31. GTE and GT3 cars are close enough in performance that they’re merely a BoP adjustment away from performance parity. The big difference is in how they handle. For me, the GTE cars tend to feel al little less hard-edged. GT3 cars get by on their traction control and ABS, while the GTE cars rely on inherent stability. If you look at lap time leaderboards, the GT3 and GTE cars are mixed pretty well on various circuits.

  32. Are you using any cockpit mods? Or a head tracker?

  33. Lovely

  34. What’s going on with ISR shows? There so inconsistent now. I suppose I need to be glued to social media to hear about cancellations…maybe this is why I’ll never pay for You Tube content or a live stream service.

    Could you imagine going to watch the 5:00 news only when you tune in the screen is just black…shows been cancelled this week I guess.. Then the next day you tune in and hey what do ya know..the shows back on. Then the day after that you tune in again to a black screen.

    Even though I don’t have cable tv anymore nothing beats the professionalism and consistency that’s provided. I don’t care about quality of production so much as just consistency as I expect my You Tube subscriptions to mostly be people in their basements sitting in front of a HD web cam or the like.

    It seems like most You Tubers will do anything to not get a 9-5 except be consistent. I don’t care about test drives..I can do that shit myself once the cars out..cause you all know the community will buy it regardless..

    One thing I can’t do is review products and talk with developers and get insider news. So please..provide the community consistently with that.

  35. Aaah you should have gone left after Blanchimont! You had a lot of speed. 2nd, if not 1st, was there for the taking. Good race man!

  36. wow massive abuse of track limits!

  37. Nice video funny end in the race lol, hope your mum is ok

  38. understeer for days

  39. Looks like fun!

  40. How was AC able to get this car before iRacing, who has a deal with IMSA?

  41. Looking for some input. Finally built a computer. Been playing assetto since release with my wheel. Is there a better sim racing game available for pc? What is it and why?

  42. they could make only cars as a DLCs so you could still join to every server, you would just see people driving new cars.. with standard version of the game from about 200 servers only about 10 are available ? also i think they could work on engine sound because its just not that good, sometimes it sound weird… for example standard M3 doesnt sound like an V8 at all, and i think they will never go back to older cars ingame to improve them, they will just continue to add new stuff, new dlcs, so you can pay for it.. game is not bad, but its not the best.

  43. oh no in the last curve… amazing review, thanks for the video

  44. does anybody recommend a thrustmaster t500rs now? Or is it to late to bother?

  45. Now that it’s on Assetto Corsa…. PLZ DON"T COME TO REAL RACING 3……

  46. haha nice

  47. Must say I was expecting billy but good video anyway John thanks,it an awesome car eh 🏁#simracing

  48. lol the score 😀

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