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  1. Hi Nick,
    I don’t normally like Porsche cars but I do like the Panamera and would buy one if i could afford it over any of it’s comp.

  2. YES.

  3. No quality feel in the Porsche?? You just failed double chin man …. heavily!!

  4. QUITE AN EXCITING COMPARISON DRIVE, … of two truly beautiful 4-Doors Supercars.
    And the Aston Martin Rapide, is sensuously curvy ..!!!

  5. golly that Panamera is a work of art. Porsche never disappoints.

  6. Typical #British results!

  7. Panamera is still a superb car then the Aston Martin.

  8. This video is rather old and the new 2013 Rapide S has a more powerful engine that does 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds and does it while looking gorgeous.

  9. The aston martin is WAY awesomer

  10. The aston martin is WAY awesomer

  11. Doesn’t count if it’s in a PC game, loser.

  12. bullshit, I drove both of them and the power and torque of the porsche is just staggering. the rapid is just a normal beautiful 4 door where the car makes you think your going fast because of all that sound coming from the exhaust. Porsche is much much better in any ways.

  13. (continued) Your opinion is totally worthless when your country can’t even produce a single automobile. The stuff we were building in 1900 is more advanced than the garbage your third world country makes today.

  14. Total crap from someone who should give unbiased opinions – Aston better fun? It could barely keep on the track -what next? Put a caravan on the Porsche??

  15. In my opinion the Panamera is such a good looking car.
    I dont like the design of the Aston, but this is my opinion, so you have to buy that car, which you like more :).

  16. Mindless approach to car testing…..take your hammer out to polish a diamond……this totally misses the point of such a beautiful amazing car… the 5th gear test drive that Tiff did, its fantastic and spot on he really knows cars un like this bunch!

  17. Next time load a veyron full of bricks and race it against an opel corsa. Morons.

  18. One 77 kicks ass

  19. Aston looks better? NOT

  20. Ewwww Panamera

  21. The Porsche looks as if its taking off.

  22. Nope

  23. I can see why you would choose Aston Martin. Because you have a GF

  24. Porsche is waaaaaaay better car!

  25. Where is the drag race?

  26. You and all the rest of non top gear cock suckers.

  27. The rapid got BEASTED!! German performance all the way! The Aston looks nicer though.

  28. Autocar in german is like carcar. Stupid name 😛

  29. I do like british cars, but germans are simply better

  30. porche v8 turbo vs aston v12 goodness. plus aston is for the uber wealthy

  31. it’s beautiful but british wankers are still jerking on their ugly rapide

  32. Now I know why I prefer EVO.

  33. Aston better stick with 2 door version

  34. naja, ein englisches automagazin berichtet objektiv über ein deutsches spitzenauto? das glaubt ihr doch selbst nicht. fehlt nurnoch am ende " and also this car is made by nazis"

  35. Ahahahaha! You’re from Peru; both of these cars cost more than you could make in 10 whole lifetimes combined, so gtfo and go start fantasising outside the Citroen dealership, peasant.

  36. astooooon

  37. and whats the point? one 77 is NOT a 4 door sedan.

  38. I like this guy

  39. Does the Rapide have a standard auto with a torque converter? If so, what a fail.

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  41. Hey, Autocar… Media whore much?

  42. Ofcourse the Rapide is better in everything. Porsche thinks only in speed and not in looks..

  43. i love porsche but the panamera isn’t a porsche


  45. That guy had such typical British stiff upper lip I felt like PUNCHIN HIM IN THE FACE.

  46. Aston makes no attempt to change their styling for this car compared to the others. Same interior, same exterior with 4 doors. At least the panamera is different, clearly a better car too.

  47. Can’t the Maserati Quattroporte compete with these two?

  48. So this English junkcar is rather beatyful?  The most ugly here is you mister !

  49. Porsche spanks the Aston and he thinks the Rapide looks better.  The Rapide looks like a Ford.  Lets ignore the numbers engineering.  Lol

  50. Doing a drag race between these 2 cars is very stupid. I thought Autocar would understand what these cars were about. They are about prestige, style and a compromise between comfort/conviennent/performance

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