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  1. Mr. Tellingsworth the quality of your answer speaks volumes.

  2. Music?

  3. Funny as hell!

  4. The sad part is that I always DO fail.

  5. Then that relationship probably didn’t last after this =p


  7. Another women’s feminist propaganda. Won’t be watching. Won’t be watching that Super Bowl crap either

  8. Im a sucker for romance.

  9. Hanni El Khatib – Can’t Win Em All

  10. bravery? so why do all audis look quite the same?

  11. For all those angry about the 2017 ad, consider how this ad is essentially its polar opposite. Audi is just pandering to get it’s name out there, and it’s happy to piss off some people to do it. You’re part of their marketing ploy if you buy into the outrage. The worst you could do to Audi is keep their name out of your mouth, and quietly refuse to buy their products.

  12. Haha that was awesome!!

  13. Balls.


  15. I think this commercial tells you, you can take anything and anybody, if you rich and you have an expensive car!….

    I don’t like it….:(

  16. You’re a fucking pussy licking twat!

  17. are you serious? she didn’t even see his car. this commercial is about being confident and brave to take chances in life. in the end, it suggests that having a good car basically gives you that courage, but then again what do you expect? it’s an ad. but a pretty awesome one.

  18. I absolutely love this commercial. It reminds me of my own prom experience. My friends and I were always losers in high school, but my dad let me drive his new (at the time) 2001 Mercedes S class to prom. I’ll never forget the look on everyone’s faces when we pulled up. I know the whole thing is stupid is pretentious, but my friends and I still talk about our "grand entrance" 14 years later!

  19. Dang, that kid’s got guts. He’s got more guts than I’ll ever have that’s for sure. I usually never talk to girls, because I’m so sure I’m going to fail. (sigh) I wish I was more confident. 🙁

  20. Thus begins a whole new romantic comedy movie.

  21. Song?

  22. This ad is deplorable. Yeah don’t ask premission, just do it. THIS IS RAPE CULTURE!!!!!

  23. Eh

  24. There’s no way his eye would have been black like that. It takes at least 10 days for someone’s eye to get black like that. If he had just driven from the prom it would probably have been swelled shut… not two weeks old like they did the make up for it.

  25. I love this message!!

  26. sad they ruined everything with their 2017 SJW liberal propaganda superbowl commercial. I will boycot Audi forever

  27. I LOVE this commercial!!!!!!!

  28. He took a chance, she did not hit him and she liked it.

  29. It’s terrible…NOT the guy is attractive, but his car… 🙁

  30. Ebrahim

    What kind of guy watches this commercial, and then takes away from it that the kids eye got black too quickly?

    Come back, once your balls drop. Until then, leave the comments to those of us that actually have a pair.

  31. It’s a commercial people. It’s meant to sell cars not inspire rape. This reminded me of Revenge of the Nerds when the nerd kisses the head cheerleader and she liked it…her jock boyfriend didn’t. Haha. Don’t know the song but the beat as he is walking in- perfect. And yes the girl liked it. Her boyfriend looked like the classic jock with "no brains" thug type. Yeah for this young man. Confidence is everything.

  32. When you see one Super Bowl ad before another

  33. Raaaaaaaapppppeeeeee

  34. Maybe she’d be with him if he had a bimmer;)

  35. mpliax…

  36. BTW it was the JOCK HER BF who punches him NOT THE GIRL

  37. I skipped this ad to see this ad…

  38. holden strausssss hello

  39. Hanni El Khatib – Can’t Win ‘Em All

  40. FRAT

  41. How is this not sexual assault to kiss a woman without her consent.

  42. Does somebody know the name of the actor

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