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  1. Отличная работа.

  2. Awesome,but a little cheesy

  3. @escapeartisthk you have to be one with the projection

  4. Yawn.

  5. unfortunately car paint isnt too matte 🙂

  6. It would be ultra awesome if that the entire frame of their car becomes a metallic 3D hologram… of perhaps wavy pipelines… printed on under a transparent solar panel paint


  8. Hello! as the program is called to make the video mapping and create the video as visual effects?

  9. Audi 3

  10. tak to je super prezentacia…

  11. wow great work i also want to do the same but on a 6 to 7ft material.e.g. can, bottle or something else.
    can you please help me out how to do this? what are the requirements etc?
    kindly reply me on [email protected]
    thanking you

  12. Hi, I’m interested to buy this how can I do? I am from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.

  13. vidéo de sakis

  14. Thanks ) 1 projector Christie 20000 al 1024×768 or 1400×1050

  15. @hadesbry if I do the job, will be the first car that I map… I’m excited… I made some projections in buildings, but like I told you, this is very new here… some advice?


  17. You could at least have done a good brand of car 🙂 (Most Audi drivers are dicks!)

  18. great… it looks superb… maybe I’ll do something for audi, here in Bolivia… projection mapping is relatively new, and find your video shows me the level that I should have for this work… thanks…

  19. i always wondered what kind of projector is used for the building projections, can you tell me?

  20. sick!!!
    really impressive!!!

  21. What is the car covered in? Fabric? It looks more solid than that

  22. If it would transform into Bumblebee I would be impressed

  23. How can someone dislike this?

  24. Супер, но немного видна общая засветка + паразитная когда освещается пол

  25. Great work! What resolution did the projection have? It seemed low to me (what could be caused by my internet too). How many projectors were needed to do this?

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