Audi A3 Cabriolet | First Drive Video Review | Autocar India

The Audi A3 sedan was one of the most fun-to-drive new cars of 2014. But has it lost any of that appeal now that its roof and two doors have been removed? Gavin D’Souza finds out.

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  1. Chhhhheeeeeeennndddaaa

  2. Enough about the practicality xD

  3. Well said and good review

  4. Does it only come with a tfsi motor?

  5. well…do climate controls realy works..

  6. Bought a 2015 Audi A3 a little over a month ago. Great car, but having problems with the navigation MMI already. Tells me that the car is somewhere I am not, and doesn’t catch the speed traps which all other Audi’s do here in Korea. Took it to AUDI KOREA service center twice and they can’t figure it out. Basically told me I am out of luck. This is of course AFTER taking my car our for a 44 km joy ride and unplugging the black box so there would be no evidence (expect for my empty gas tank). I just hope Audi Headquarters finds a solution to fix the MMI because the AUDI KOREA dealership and service center are incompetent and horrible. Please hire employees that know how to fix their own products they represent. Audi’s brand is being tainted and definitely will not be having repeat customers. Will NEVER recommend an Audi to anyone in Korea. Just horrible customer experience and there are long blogs with complaints from Audi owners. Should have read the blogs before buying. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND REGRETFUL AUDI OWNER!!!

  7. First

  8. All Audi cars look the same. Anyone can mistake that picture of the grill for A4, A6, A8 or even Q3.

  9. Great review!

  10. I love the a3 convertible looks great

  11. Haha crap pricing! Make in India or Leave India Audi (VW).

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