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Audi has always been one of the go-to brands for luxury saloons. With this in mind, its A3 hatchback has been given the saloon treatment.

Building on the up-market, stylish aspects of the hatch, the saloon adds great appeal for business customers and those who want the bragging rights of saloon ownership.

We take the A3 saloon for a spin to see how it compares to the hatchback and its competitors.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the interior of the Audi A3 Saloon including its boot size, dashboard and back seats. We then run through performance, price and finish up with the all-important verdict – is the Audi A3 Saloon a good car?

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  1. Bargain compared to other cars like the 3 series and A4. I have always loved Audi’s and the way that they are styled, I’d happily have one! Good concise review👍

  2. Since when is the TFSI "left field"? Most new A3’s I see are TFSI’s, certainly after the diesel gate scandal…

  3. It’s subjective I know but for me it’s better looking than the Merc. Although not ugly cars the latest style language at Mercedes is a bit melted looking with the notable exception of the S class coupe which is an absolute stunner

  4. He sounds and looks bored lol

  5. Good styling but it’s just far too small, I’d rather just buy an A4 tdi with a manual box.

  6. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!! It has some of the most uncomfortable back seats I have ever sat in! Buy the sportback- the seats are much less upright and with much more headroom.

  7. Hatch is more practical and also looks much better

  8. Does anyone know if you can buy the number plate holders/surrounds that are on this A3?

  9. looks like jetta

  10. Hi I have always been a saloon car fan probably something to my age but that does look really nice and for the price for an Audi it doesn’t seem too bad cheers Phil

  11. Nice car, but not worth the premium over the sportback.

  12. think this for a small car is cool love the white


  14. I drive a VW Jetta which is similar and I am guessing based on the same platform. Good all round motor.

  15. Best review I’ve seen of this car.

  16. The Sportback looks gawky and odd. The saloon is a tight looking piece of kit.

  17. Nice UK review. very good.

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