Audi A4 LED install How to – B8 Chassis 2009 – Present

How to install Interior LEDs on 2009 Audi A4
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This guide is compatible with year models 2009,2010,2011,2012-Present

The LEDs and tools used in this tutorial can be purchased at

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For purchasing and production information on this LED kit or other vehicles contact:

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  1. You’re welcome!

  2. How can you put on behind the light?

  3. Does this led light work with the 2013 year model ?

  4. hi! Do you have some video for a3?
    Its the same?

  5. I have a problem with the courtesy door light. The cord is stuck inside the door so i can’t install my new light inside. Every door but this one went with ease. But the last one is a real pain in the ass. What can i do???

  6. what are the dimensions of the number plate led light. 36 mm?

  7. mucho led y los faros de atras? lo mas importante no es de led caguen

  8. is it just the number plate light that is canbus, will the lights be fine with standard LEDs. Also what size are the festoon bulbs?

  9. @ Calvinblinkee

    The license plate lights are slightly difficult to remove. As we show, the first tool is pressed into the slot next to the lens. With that tool in, we pushed the housing towards the right which gave a gap for us to use the 2nd tool and pry downward.

    ~PLED Team

  10. And about the sistem error?? I wanna change but some people told me about this problem!!

  11. Where can i buy the open kit thingy

  12. Where can I buy these instruments?

  13. soothing

  14. music?

  15. Nadim,

    Select bulbs in the interior are CANBus based as well as the license plate lights. If you have specific questions about the products seen in the video please use the contact form on our website so that it can be tracked and answered.

    Thank you,
    -PLED Team

  16. alot more complicated than my 07 s4 unfortunately. But oh well, there is another video from USP Motorsports that shows how to do this for B7 models

  17. Very good, very clear, very helpful…One question is it possible to change the fog lights to led in Audi A4?

  18. Can you tell me what the rims are?

  19. I have an Audi A6 2010 how do I get the name and size that’s currently in the vehicle

  20. Great How-To video –  thank you!Is there added info (video) for replacing the glove box and floor lighting bulbs?  Cheers

  21. Thank you. Finally I found I know how to do this on my car

  22. nice

  23. Cleeeeaaaaaan af

  24. The licence plate LED’s in your video do not sit completely flush within the two spades on either end – why?

  25. Any reason why the ones for the vanity mirror only fully illuminate when the main interior lights are on or the ignition is on?  All other LED bulbs work fine.

  26. Where can I get that tool?

  27. Great video , my Audi looks awesome . Thanks

  28. i have the 2013 s4 and was wondering if you can change the led accent thats in the headlights i dont know if u understand what i am saying. but if you do and know how please let me know thanks 

  29. Really calvin really? I did it all with a plastic knife which cost 20x less

  30. I don’t even have the standard lights in my audi a4 s-line 2010 ?? dafuck

  31. dobri audi

  32. I’m having a lot of trouble trying to pop off the license plate light housing

  33. what is the name of the colour of the LED’s in this video?

  34. my wife bought me packs for 2010 A6 and 2012 Q7. How can I tell if they’re canbus?

  35. Thanks alot! Just did this on ’08 model. 😀 Looks awesome now with the LED interior

  36. Do you mind letting me know the size for each lightsource?
    Im quite lazy i know but i wanna make an order to day for my B8 but i’ve never messured them my self.

  37. Tools are available on the website, Precisionled(dot)com in the accessories section

    -PLED Team

  38. Hey there. Thanks for your vid 🙂 Do you mind link me to the tool you used? Thanks

  39. Song name?

  40. Are those 6000K or 8000K? +PrecisionLED 

  41. Just did this to my 2010 model. Looking good. Thanks guys.

  42. Installed reverse led and my dash gets an bulb out error …can any one explain or help

  43. Lights need to be CANBus to prevent error codes for the License/Number Plate. The Interior LEDs also need to be CANBus in select areas to prevent error codes as well. The package we sell has all the correct CANBus resistors to work error code free!

    -PLED Team

  44. if canbus bulbs are not needed can a canbus led bulb still be used and not cause problems?

  45. thank you very much for your video, can you help me please? I changed the light from licence plate, but the screen show me a error on this light 🙁 I change both lights and both worked… 🙁

  46. By using improper tools, I ended up scratching off part of the trunk paint, bent the plastic slot and ripped the rubber seals on the light housing. Time for a touch up pen and some super glue which costs 3X more than just buying the tools on your website. Really should have done that instead. GG

  47. Hey, shoot us an email at help(at)precisionled(dot)com and we will be able to help you out.

    PLED Team

  48. Hi ! i was changing my interior lights to LED bulps, but when i changed
    the one in the glovebox it smelled burned from the new led bulp and the
    interior light stopped working, everything else works except for the
    interrior lights. Any tip on what it could be? what fuse it might be?

  49. What are the dimmensions of the trunck light and the doors lights??

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