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  1. Praca marzeń

  2. Looks like the best job in the world!

  3. This is the opposite of what American production line looks like.

  4. nice honking at 4:55 lol

  5. @rsclutch1990 You’re right, people will buy it anyway because of the propeller on the front 😉

    BMW sales (in the US) increased the first half of 2010 and they sell more than twice (100k vs 48k) as many cars as Audi, it’ll take alot to reach BMW’s status, particulary if the Bavarians keep having the most satisfied (and loudmouthed) owners in the premium segment 🙂

  6. @urtenfifteen Of course, the dilemma is if they aren’t popular enough they will go out of business, so we need a middle of the road approach here. : )

  7. haha scheiß a14 man

  8. I love my 07 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0 T. Ibis white tan leather interior.

  9. @rkerr1974 Rather than an ugly robot! That’s why Detroit cars are rubbish!

  10. 3:58 I just picked up my new 2013 S4 from the dealership. Its funny, you can see where suction cups were on the window even after delivery. Eventually they went away, but my sunroof and windshield had suction cup marks for a while. Now I know!

  11. Gran tutorial

  12. Love the uniforms these guys are rockin, the Mario and Luigi overalls is great.  Take a look at an American assembly line, dudes wear sweat pants and college hats, college ha

  13. So much more care involved than watching US productions… Audi is great, love my A6

  14. they don’t discriminate… just as long as their hot haha

  15. i dont like people disliking this video

  16. an owner of a 2007 RS4
    one of the best cars i’ve ever had

  17. @vergulden *you’ve driven

  18. @rsclutch1990 Who the hell cares if the inside of you trunk is painted or not? Its not like you’re ever gonna rip off all the fabric and plastics covering it anyway so you’ll be able to see it.

  19. 1:46 no wonder why Audis are known for electronic glitches…dude just pulls the bag away and throws the system over to the window lol

  20. Audi A4 is beautiful car… but strong vibration on idle when the engine is on load drives me crazy…. I’m talking about 2.0 TSI engines…

  21. sexy robots!

  22. I find your comment abhorrent. You are an ignorant racist.

  23. Agree, I purposely take the long way home. I really doesn’t matter if there’s traffic when your in an Audi.

  24. Seems boring work to do this everyday.

  25. these nazis know how to build a car.

  26. The internal combustion engine car requires so many parts during assembly it just becomes a headache to build.

  27. No, if you have watched how Mercedes cars are made, then you think this is beyond the current technology… in Mercedes factory, robots do everything and the workers only test the cars and drive them out of the factory…

  28. Really nice, i was there last week on a plant tour 😀

  29. 2:22 What is that exactly?

  30. I’d rather my car be built by hand like an AMG Or M or R8 than to be built by Robots entirely!!

  31. Thats why Audi is a sexy car

  32. so awesome

  33. I WANT NOW!!! (the blonde)

  34. my friend has the A4 Avant estate car 2.0 TDI SE Automatic.I love that car.

  35. @ChoonDSW because they dont have one haha…

  36. @rkerr1974 may be some problems later 😛

  37. @grizzleypeak
    I love my 2004 3.0!!!

  38. I find women how work on cars are extremely sexy

  39. @rsclutch1990 Engine (as everything else) always goes in after painting. Painting the interior of the spare wheel well is unnecessary, but it’s given a bit of paint spray as you have to paint the boot interior (or the customer will get suspicious). Painting the firewall behind the engine is not also not necessary, and the customer will not notice anything. Remember, the entire body is given a base paint when dipped, enough for all protected and unseen surfaces.

  40. I’d like to see more and more about A4 production. Please, make new videos

  41. Mercedes has a factory in Mexico…

  42. @vergulden i test drove 1 and i ended up paying 20k over my budget because i said y would i ever want to drive anything else

  43. omg robots making robots

  44. Audi is rubbish. BMW is much better

  45. see the ginger kid given the WORST job in the world….fitting door seals

  46. Nice to see Audi hires hot blondes lol

  47. The best car in the range, no doubt!! So beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  48. and Audi by 2014 will produce the Q5 for "amurika" and guess where? Mexico!

  49. @vergulden I agree

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