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  1. good joob

  2. You Sir are an/the engineer of painting FULL STOP. Simply fantastic amazing work. I love watching your vids.

  3. great video ! is there any chance you could post a video of you blending silver my friend ! Cheers from the UK!

  4. Helo teachar’s ✋👍

  5. your finish is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No wet bed?

  7. I m sorry for the resolsution,problem is fixt now👍

  8. Excellent job

  9. Insane, as always. You are smashing that clear really heavy. How do you not get runs?

  10. Good job👍 , from Brazil.

  11. Your videos are getting better and better, I could watch them all day!

  12. good job

  13. perfect job you are the best!!!!

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