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  1. Hij praat net als Bert van Sesamstraat :-).

  2. The only people that can tell the difference between the entry level sedan and the top tier sedan are Audi enthusiasts and general motor enthusiasts. They basically look the same except for tiny finishings for which they charge quite large premiums.

  3. @quatlen it is dutch

    i speak german, and that’s not german 😉

  4. for some reason the rear window reminds me of a honda accord crosstour 🙁

  5. Ty krávo slušněj marťan 😀

  6. @TheROXZzz Klopt dit is geen Nederlands,

    Laat ze maar lullen die lulo s he gozertje

  7. The funny part is, that in the US that’s the A7, and the Audi A5 is a 2 door sports. This is interesting.

  8. @swunt10 That is German, I don’t speak German only write some. That is 100% German maybe you should learn the language before you criticize my writing.

  9. @yass2022
    …but then he tricked the dutch woman to take the Laguna, so he could takle the A5 home….

  10. this guy is the next jeremy clarkson

  11. @swunt10 I just told you I’m new at German so I realize my German is NOT pretty and I would like to a lest type some German because I have German typing friends on this channel. I should have said that in the first place, pardon me.

  12. Why do these faggets use english titles?

  13. When will audi get a good review?

  14. no, this is the A5 sportback, and the 2 door is the A5. And now existes too the A7

  15. @creepinshadow247, I know if you would pay attention to all the comments you would understand.

  16. thats what i sound like when im drunk…

  17. The language is Dutch

  18. slechte presentator , pannekoek kereltje.

  19. This Guy was Testing a laguna Coupe and insulting audi A5 coupe , Now He is in Love with This sportback

  20. @djole777 definitely

  21. is it Dutch? damn…its as awful as Danish. sorry, but its true

  22. @ hietsjot, not only in the united states are those problems, in europe there also some issues, there are even people here, who’s car where stolen, without breaking in… somehow you can hack in on the ECU and open you’re VW Passat, Audi A6, whatever, with the keys from a Golf/Rabbit or A3 for example, and the 1.9 TDI, hell that was an engine! unfortunally, the 2.0 TDI isn’t, the 2.0 TDI have some problems also…

  23. @swunt10, What the fuck are you talking about, that was German that I typed.

  24. @quatlen listen!!! i am german. so i can write and speak german pretty good. and you are writing that you would like to speak german. but this is a dutch video so it doesn’t make sense at all. dont get me wrong it is still nice that you would like to speak german^^ but in proper german it’s "Ich wünschte, dass ich Deutsch sprechen könnte." or better "Ich wünschte, ich könnte Deutsch sprechen." or "Ich wünsche mir, eines Tages Deutsch sprechen zu können." Bye!

  25. @quatlen you are a motherfucker
    ik ben zelf een nederlander en dit is geen nederlands!

  26. @quatlen thats not german. it’s dutch…

  27. subtitles available !

  28. Hij heeft iets weg van Jeroen van Koningsbrugge

  29. @PyroHeiko I know, maybe you should read all of the comments. Idiot.

  30. why put the title of the video in english and then speak in a foreign language!!!?????

  31. thanks for the subs.

  32. its dutch language and im dutch but i have to tell you i think he talks really silly too 😐

  33. @quatlen the video is dutch, if that’s what you ment

  34. @djole777 doe normaal mann,, jullie taal is ook raar voor ons hoor

  35. @creepinshadow247 This is German sehr sehr gute video

  36. 5.2l/100km dat is bijna 1/20 heeft ruben net uitgerekend met z’n iPhone …


  37. @TheROXZzz I know you’re Dutch, as it says on your page and I can see you have typed some lovely Dutch to me. I said I typed German (bad German) to communicate with a German speaking person on this, I realized from the beginning that this was not German being spoken. You’re a compete naive fool who has but into a conversation that does not belong to you, piss off idiot Flander, wallonian people ftw. Only joking I appreciate the Flanders as well.


  39. Very nice car, but way too expensive for what it is (an A4).

  40. if you could add something to your title like (nl) or what ever that would be great . also your description is in English which makes it more confusing . But i guess you guys are hungry for views

  41. America doesn’t have many diesels… because it’s America. People don’t see diesels here as green, the only green thing there is are priuses. Even though cars may be cheaper here, our market just plain sucks.

  42. dafuq did i just watch ?

  43. anyone spell out in dutch what this guy says at the end – the " it made me a bit greedy. weird huh?"

  44. Possibly, but it could be different since I’m in the US. They’re known for electrical problems and other issues here. That and they don’t offer as many diesels over here. Sometimes I wish I could live across the pond to have that much better car selection…

  45. I speak dutch and this is not Dutch but german .

    This is german or russia

  46. Learn to speak the f***ing langueage pf..

  47. another good review!

  48. the title is dutch dipshit

  49. you’re looking above £32000 for the least power engine with decent options. Thats too much and if you choose V6 then it’ll be way more than £40000. You can buy a CLS or A7 for that kind of money. Audi just created a car thats very good looking but seriously you go in the showroom its like holly shit I might just go with A4 or something else.

  50. @quatlen "Ich wünsche, dass ich das Deutsch sprechen könnte." ??? maybe that^^

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