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  1. Hand-made 😛

  2. I MIGHT BE GETTING AN A6!!!! I am so excited!

  3. there should be another advert glorifying the metal in an accident!

  4. Btw it was shot in "Veletrzni Palace" in Prague, a modernist building from 1929, heritage-listed today. This architecture is still very impressive and modern, isn’t it?

  5. @sirniko126
    BMW is owned by VW??? Nope, for shure not. Audi’s part of the VW Group and BMW the heart brand of the BMW Group (BMW,MINI,RR). The BMW Group still is under major control of the Quand family.
    Volkswagen Group consists of VW,VW Commercial Vehicels, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamorghini, SCANIA, and Porsche is on its way becoming the 10.brand.
    Right now there’s quite a struggle between Audi and Porsche going on who’s gonna develope certain car-architectures. Best regards.

  6. i does weight 1700kg …. thats not very light :/

  7. @krashevich yes Audi are rebadged VW’s … except VW’s use Haldex differentials instead of the Torsen found on audi’s , suspension is different, V8 or supercharged V6 engines are not available and so is the longitudinal engine mounted aluminium modular platforms that audis are built on these days. so … yes … audi and vw share some transmisions some tdi engines and windshield whipers you could say its the same car lol

  8. Question is, will it blend?

  9. Looks beautiful and high-tech. What is underneath is the problem..,proven as one of the most unreliable German producer and supplier,BOSCH.

  10. @koolbeta Der Song heisst "Baloon Girl" von Alex Heffes und Regina Spektor. Er wurde bisher nicht veröffentlicht.

  11. @TheMegaCONARTIST Not as good as BMW 🙂

  12. audi is a spanish word that means LISTEN
    so listen and shut up its an audi OK

  13. kewl

  14. @krashevich Funny how anti-Audi people are always stupid

  15. @TheMonsteraki
    rs6! r8 is so mainstream 🙂

  16. no kidding, Sherlock!

  17. Jedynie Pudzianowski mógłby zbudować takie auto 😀 very beautiful car 🙂

  18. Please teach me how i can make this car, with my thumb 😀

  19. I wonder what could happen if it goes for a crash test.

  20. @UzzyFuzzyy Audi is not acronym.

  21. this new volkswagen passat looks pretty gud ahahah

  22. it’s fake!

  23. If only metal was that easy to form!

  24. That mans voice sounds little like Philip Glenister

  25. @wiktorpanaktuningfre Considering the size of the car and that it’s got Quattro…yeah that’s pretty darn light.

  26. Vorsprung durch Technik. Bis Bluetooth spackt. Das MMI von Audi ist das Windows ME der Autoindustrie, und warum zur HÖLLE kann man bis heute keine POIs "entlang der Route" suchen? Muss echt Atomphysik sein…
    Auch großartig ist: "Zieleingabe" -> Den Ort Bitte: $Ort -> Die Straße Bitte: $Straße -> Sagen sie Zielführung Starten oder nennen Sie die Hausnummer $Hausnummer -> Wollen Sie die Zielführung Starten? -> NEIN ICH UNTERHALTE MICH GERNE ZUM SPAß MIT EINER DEPRESSIVEN FRAU! ARLGH!

  27. weight reduction by 130lbs…I guess that’s something…as long as it doesn’t weigh over 4000lbs

  28. Holy crap that guy is strong!

  29. this Video Looks likes amazing!

  30. I mean after I crash I can also do metal do everything i want! 😀

  31. @krashevich that’s wayy back then. Not anymore. They probably share a few minor parts here and there, but not the chasis, engine, etc.

  32. you can crash with a bigger one and make a cooler one yourself

  33. I think that Audi has hired Chuck Norris

  34. hahahaha chocolate milk

  35. Actually I would have to say BMW produces better cars, though Audi does have great build quality. Too bad that they’re owned by VW, it makes it a blessing and a curse.

  36. @ mercatorish
    I wasn’t talking about BMW, I meant Audi was owned by VW.

  37. Audi vorsprung durch technick 😀 Bis irgendwann der Lämpchen fehler auftritt.

  38. If you can do that with your hands what could a crash do?

  39. @94XJ for a new car it maybe is. but light is between 1000 and 1300 for a "a4, 3 series, c-class" and 1300-1500 for "a6, 5 series, e,-class" …
    but yeah you are right for a new a6 its pretty good.
    damn im talking shit… maybe because i a a bit drunk at the moment … hahahah
    sorryy… hahahahah

  40. wait if would be able to do this wouldnt anything just make i colapse

  41. 2.merc
    audi keeps on talking about weight reduction but its 2011 a8 3.0tdi is only 10kg lighter than a bmw 730d. good car,but not a drivers car.

  42. А я не знал, что ауди из пластелина лепят…

  43. yeah look nice and all
    probably faster and wastes less fuel
    but is it worth getting crushed in a crash ?

  44. @UzzyFuzzyy Why did you click the video then?

  45. But it is still ugly.. hire some Italian designers

  46. Audi more or less, it is simply The Best.

  47. and you blame japan cars of thin metal after this???

  48. the best robot is human hands 🙂

  49. @jmg7zeroes Hahah that was funny, BMW wishes to be Audi, well at the end of the day Mercedes & Audi are the reason why today we drive what it is called cars :), nice try but big FAIL 🙂

  50. 0:37 sound made me breathe out too

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