Audi A6 Matrix 35 TDI | First Drive | Autocar India

This facelift trims the Audi A6 range down to just one variant, but you can be sure it’s one that you’ll really want.

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  1. I don’t understand why Audi is still sticking to a 2.0 engine

  2. which road is it?

  3. There should be more than this the engine could be 2.5 or more they should also change their old look it has been many yrs.

  4. got d moolah buy this beauty or else sulk ..n complain …sour grapes for those who can’t take it home …its aawweessoommee

  5. Good video quality plz !!!!!!!!!!

  6. What happen to Autocar’s 1080p videos???

  7. disappointed no quatro😭

  8. What I like the most is that matrix led which looks amazing. Hope it works best on highways where no other headlight has done.

  9. I’m looking for new A6 or new 5-series

  10. It’s quite disappointing

  11. pls can u do that for Audi s8 plus

  12. change those ugy rims and the car will be beautiful

  13. Audi A6 need to launch 3lit. TDI & TFSI quattro versions in India.

  14. That’s really bad. Matrix without the option of choosing the 3.0 V6 TDI and Quattro? Audi has to do better. Looks great though 🙂

  15. I have audi a6 its not comfortable for long drive

  16. please do a E class vs A6 video.

  17. This version have a very smart look than previous… with matrix lamp…but I could appreciate with 1 thing that it lacks quattro AWD,,,which should be recovered…

  18. I really dislike this car in red.

  19. its still India’s no 1 luxury brand since its launch ….BMW is weeping way behind at 3rd for a long good time

  20. confused on booking A6 or CLA ,,,,, advice

  21. it was all good until he said no Quattro all wheel drive.

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