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Audi A8 saloon 2014 review: http://bit.ly/1gAKVwl
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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a car to drive, or to be driven in, the A8 is thoroughly impressive in both areas. It packs a host of clever technology to make the driving experience as seamless as possible, including lights that are connected to the sat-nav and will illuminate junctions, bend round corners and even dip when they sense oncoming traffic. A system called Audi Drive Select also features, and allows drivers to tweak the steering, suspension and gearbox to make the car more sporty or more comfortable. The cabin itself is finished in high-grade materials and is very logically laid out. Customers looking for a bit more space to stretch out in the rear can opt for the long wheelbase version.

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  1. thanks.. well done 🙂

  2. This or the s-class?

  3. at 4:07 you walk past the car like you’ve got hemorrhoids…

  4. Hey theve, It’s astonisling belong equable What do you think..0 11

  5. s-class is all i have to say

  6. By today’s standards ‘writing pads’ aren’t anything special. A Vauxhall Insignia has it on higher spec models.


  8. Maybe if you put the golf clubs diagonally it might fit…….dumbass

  9. Baby and olfsen sound system should be standard

  10. S3 with auto, 0.1 sec slower 0-60.

  11. Das Auto 😀

  12. I loved this thing but when I heard FWD??omg I hate that word

  13. How did these people loose the world war..

  14. Underpriced bentley

  15. Nice One1 Hey- flower book What’s your opinion about this,$guys

  16. @Retro They probably got a fake one, my friend had an A8 and he loved it.

  17. I think I’d pick the A7 over this.

  18. looks boring, bring me the S class

  19. British people nowadays are alcoholics and narcomans.

  20. Knew a guy who made the unfortunate mistake of buying one of these, after a while, the gears that popped up the screen fell to bits, turned out they had used the most cheap, nasty plastic available in the gears, typical VAGina group, make it look expensive, but use crap parts.

  21. I like the understated look.

  22. That zoom out effect at the end nicely sums up the lack of audi ingenuity in design

  23. I mean really,who the fuck can afford such an expensive car?Where I live absolutely no one has new German cars…

  24. any changes? btw this and all new 2015??

  25. This car with a 6L W12 petrol doing 0-62 in 4.7?! That is absolute bullshit. The A7 3.0 V6 biTDI does it in roughly 5.

  26. Bangda & olufsen !

  27. I like this guy, far better than that ‘twat’ Richard Hammond.

  28. REAL premium car brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, BMW offer 3 year / Unlimited mileage warranties compared to Audi’s 3 year 60k miles just like Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Ford, VW, Seat, Skoda, Why? Because it’s a fake premium brand and not blue blooded like these others. Audi is always second best at most, but for mega expensive servicing costs it wins first place every time.

  29. Based on uber. I have been in s class, Audi A8 (on Sunday) and the Beamer. From experience Audi is comfortable than the s class and Beamer is more sporty feel and quicker throttle response

  30. My dad bought the long wheelbase model for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift four years ago. So far we still have the car. It’s in excellent condition and only has less than 8,000 miles. Plus I’ve driven it myself. Such a wonderful car.

  31. S Class: Dress for disco bars
    7 Series: Jacket

    A8 : SMOKING! (hot)

  32. subscribed:)

  33. For the 100K asking price (saw the sticker myself), I hope it comes with a penis sucking machine

  34. This is my opinion so haters don’t hate i like the Mercedes s class s550 more than this audi A8 because i think that the Mercedes interior and exterior design is just better lol mainly because of the LED lights on the interior

  35. haha who drive the car at 3:16

  36. S class destroys this car. Only reason I could see someone buying this is to keep under the radar, because the car looks a a freaking A4.

  37. :O are you a wizard? who was driving when you were back there

  38. How does this car stack up with the S class?

  39. Very NICE.

  40. The truth MUST be told. Audi is second class to to BMW and Mercedes. The new Jag would blow it out of the water. VW stands for boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you make a car to ignite the senses please let me know.

  41. A3 interior is better and cheaper.

  42. Very nice car , don’t compare with BMW or Mercedes they are also nice but differently.
    Lucky guys have or drive all of them

  43. Wait, an available FWD A8? Huh.

  44. what is that thing @ 1:36?

  45. what year is this audi

  46. What about AMG?

  47. looking good, may one day I’ll get it, who knows

  48. The business carI don’t think anyone in their mid twenties would want this car over something else in its price range.

  49. Fuck everything except Italian and English.

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