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  1. fucking savage

  2. how could this be banned…..huh

  3. GE_NiOUS!!!

  4. jajaja

  5. BMW forever

  6. I love how european cars bashing each other its so fun to watch

  7. vorsprung durch technik

  8. best car ever is the Mercedes.
    Luxury,Confort, Sportness and Safety.
    anything else ?

  9. The thing is… it isn’t wrong…

  10. Why banned? When Audi tells the truth 😀 kidding. But they forget a hanger from Lexus.

  11. why is it banned its so true all of the others suck ass and are only good for one thing.

  12. yes, and audi is still the best

  13. keep dreaming…

  14. i used to be a bmw fan but their news models just looks like a 3 series and than i saw the new audi design are its really great

  15. 25 prius died!

  16. That’s blowing!

  17. I don’t like audi I’m a Benz kind of guy but this is awsome.

  18. Merc is a cut above. fact.

  19. BMW is Sportness and Comfort and looks the best and it is safe more than any audi ever 

  20. BMW > Audi.

  21. good ads..but i won’t buy audi

  22. Why was that banned

  23. mind blowing :)) in my country was not banned…

  24. Lol xD BMW is The best

  25. Audis aren’t stylish – they’re just rebodied VW’s for the most part.
    Not even remotely the same level of opulence as some high-end Mercedes Benz
    They’ve never had the reputation for safety that Volvo has – nobody does for that matter.
    I don’t like BMW’s but there’s no denying for a superb RWD experience they’re probably among the best.

  26. Still Audi owns the scene

  27. awesome commercial!

  28. I love my Audi…..

  29. This commercial is awesome. No matter which car is the best. It’s just awesome 👌🏼

  30. Such a savage ad, but only if it was true. Bmw does everything the Audi does better. Benz is comparable to bmw. And Volvo is a different class

  31. 2 from the left , which brand???

  32. I really loved the idea of this commercial. But it could be more better if it was a communication between 2 persons.

  33. I want a Porsche 😛 Btw cool commercial. Not ethical, but cool 🙂

  34. BMW and Audi are a tie for me, because I love my E46 with an HPF turbo kit, but then again that R8…

  35. The video was banned because Audi can’t have other car brands in their commercials

  36. audi is savage

  37. Truesome Audi!!
    Yeah it’s Reason i like audi!! LoL

  38. get rekt :^)

  39. No Toyota no reliability

  40. very clever commercial.

  41. banned commercial?

  42. Why was this banned?

  43. yep design=VW XD

  44. NICE add!

  45. After saw this, i will buy a toyota …

  46. This is genius.

  47. why bannded

  48. Классная реклама!)

  49. its funny how they have all other car brand characteristics, cant do ur own thing?

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