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  1. get your car serviced by service station – same as pay somebody to fuck your wife.

  2. give it to audi so they can rip the shit out of you

  3. Elle est géniale celle ci !

  4. bmw has to learn from Audi ads.


  6. Give it to audi it will steal every last breath out of your wallet

  7. 20 people have bmw or gay? Or both…

  8. Vremment bien trouvé

  9. Audi. The next big thing !

  10. I don’t get it. Is it more about Audi trying to say "if you buy an Audi you’re special and only special technicians should work on your special car". If so that’s kind of sad. Audi’s are reasonably easy to work on as long as you buy a few specialty tools. But honestly that applies to every make. Good commercial either way. Looked like a knock off of World war Z.

  11. i am a audi technician forme me they are easy to work on

  12. 25 mechanic rednecks don’t approve this commercial.

  13. That elcamino was more classt than any audi ever made

  14. only audi would employ these unqualified mechanic trade assistants and call them technicians

  15. Zombies attack

  16. Ha! This reminds me of World War Z XD XD

  17. Take your car to an Audi service and you’ll never buy another Audi for the rest of your life.

  18. give it to audi official service and they will beat the last dollar out of your wallet

  19. ебать какая охрененная реклама, аж мурашки по коже

  20. BMW Age Group: 20-30
    Audi Age Group: 30-40

  21. But not in Estonia, Tallinn. In Audi Service here works most of zombies and which only can scam you. So I always go to Mechanics which Audi Official Service unfortunately do not have.

  22. Вот как выглядят клиенты ауди, стадо зомби

  23. Morale immonde. Division du monde en 2 blocs, les miséreux zombies d’un côté, les riches de l’autre. Mort aux pauvres ? !! Le pire est que la distinction entre zombies et misérables n’est même pas claire ! Morale Nazie consumériste. Bravo Audi.

  24. Why is it called zombies ? Very very slight resemblance to zombie behaviour !

  25. scandaleux

  26. Awesome AD!

  27. Shouldn’t the mechanics be running away from it??? A lot of mechanics seem to hate working on Audis.


  29. Good job!

  30. still my favorite commercail of 2015

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