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  1. super ljubi te majka

  2. Audi is the least safest car manufacturer in Germany if you look at the history soo..

  3. awesome

  4. right in the face

  5. DVDs

  6. Audi is the best<3

  7. Yes you need commercials to sell your cars cuz they suck

  8. I do agree that audi is a well respected and well rounded brand, the bad part is that it doesent specialize in any category. It is kinda sporty, but it doesn’t compare with bmw balance and track turns, it may be comfortable, but never as luxurious as Mercedes benz, so I with 50000 euros in my hands, I would take something else

  9. vay babayın kemiğinaaaa… adamlar noktayı değil, damgayı basmışlar resmen!

  10. quattro bmw don’t know what it is..

  11. the lord of the rings

  12. Not really cool, my ass looks much cooler than that

  13. brilliant commercial

  14. Mercedes is for granpa´s 😀

  15. I hate Saudi

  16. It’s so simple, but so good

  17. I was borned as BMW driver but this commercial is badass XD


  19. colol commercial but i think audi sucks

  20. this commercial is damn good !

  21. Brilliant!

  22. <3 Audi

  23. sikip atmış…

  24. Not necessary. Well, If you are talking about CL and S Class.

    I fail to see that the new A and CLA were designed thinking in grandpa´s.

  25. Audi is the BIG boss!

  26. hahahahahhhahahah Audi … Nice joke

  27. That was super brilliant !

  28. Someone know when and where was this commercial issued?

  29. Ooo çok manyak laf manyak laf

  30. Good idea.
    but i love ALFAROMEO!!

  31. Audi Rules

  32. Genius!

  33. Thumbs up if you see it in 2016 🙂

  34. Looks like audi is unoriginal…

  35. This commercial is smart

  36. nice b 😀 😀

  37. One of the best commercials I have ever seen, so easy made, yet so freaking geniuss

  38. Honda fanı olarak : youtubede ne zaman porno serbest oldu ?
    when it was released on youtube porn ?

  39. Good

  40. Quattro!

  41. Giulietta

  42. Like a Boss

  43. If I ever have to choose between a bmw and Mercedes, it will be an audi !!!  Awesome

  44. I own a VW, but I have to say that my VW wasn’t even mentioned in this commercial.

  45. alfa Romeooooooooo :))

  46. Own

  47. AudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudiAudi

  48. ayarı vermiş piçler

  49. its because audi an vw are partner companies

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