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  1. I think the Italians have something called as JTD. Not sure how it differs, but it’s somewhat different from the German TDI.

  2. This high pressure diesel injection actually brings more smaller particles which the catalytic converter cannot stop, thus polluting the air we breath. Diesels where never a clean fueling alternative as they would make us believe back in the 90’s. It’s just marketing talk to get sales going. Now 20 ~ 30 years later, they finally catch up knowing how bad diesels actually are.

  3. FIAT has invented it, and was the first to use it, while audi and vw where old fashion at that time

  4. lol das video ist 7 jahre alt

  5. Always the same german philosophy "we are the best in everything". The diesel turbo charged direct injection was first developed by Fiat on the Fiat Croma, which has been the first world commercial car having diesel direct injection. If I do remember well VW group use to rely on mechanical pump injector for their diesel cars.

  6. Yeah… HUGE distribution problems with 1.4TSI engines, 1.8 engines, DSG gearboxes that go nuts, high oil use of PD Diesels and the list goes on and on.

  7. Awesome!

  8. NOx levels are ar to high in reality i.e. out of testing modus

  9. Don’t forget the emisions inspection bypass software.

  10. So what,Mercedes build first car,so what…

  11. Pas mal aussi.

  12. yes TDI was a Fiat-Magneti Marelli diesel, the first common rail. License was later sold to VW Group as Fiat in the 90s was going bankruptcy and did not have money to fully develop the project

  13. I inhaled the exhaust gasses from an Audi driving by and I instantly got Asthma so I am going to sue Audi

  14. If you want to know more please visit Volkswagen Technicians Shakun Motrs Jodhpur Rajsthan page in facebook.

  15. Yes fiat has JTD and Multi Jet. TDI was the original project of Fiat-Magneti Marelli back in the 80s, the first common rail diesel but was sold to VW Group which then developed all its engines on this project.

  16. I meant the idea and realization of the common rail, not of the diesel engine. 🙂 Ciao!

  17. "time and time again" fuck you, its mercedes whio does that.

  18. audi is for little turds, fucking decadent shitpiles …

  19. In Italy, Da Vinci invented everything…

  20. VW/Audi ist dreist genug, es als ihre Inovation darzustellen. Das machen sie immer, und immer waren es andere die es als erste hatten.

  21. Audi = overpriced turd.

  22. No, they invented Common Rail.

  23. the common rail was used first in alfa romeo 156 1.9jtd in 1996/7.

  24. And I miss the old rattling/banging noise the older diesels made.

  25. explain to me why my audi need more oil than gasoline????

  26. Well the 2.0 TDI is still cleaner than the VW TDI

  27. if you need to check injector & pumps common rail with #Rabotti equipment…just let us know 🙂

  28. das ischt goot kup orbite

  29. Common Rail was invented by Fiat.. like multijet

  30. So true and must of car enthusiasts might know it.

  31. This engine, or the Diesel engine concept? Because Rudolph Diesel invented it.

  32. who cares. fiat still invented it.

  33. since when Audi uses Common Rail? 2005? 2006? help.

  34. tecnologia dei motori Fiat JTD Mjet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. It’s a wonder that this video is still on the internet after the emissions scandal recently.

  36. So the post injection that raises exhaust temperatures solely for the benefit of the particulate filter is a waste of fuel that could have been used for propulsion. So the damn thing could actually get better mileage than it already is getting. So i need to find a program for the ECM that forgoes this post injection, and i’ll get even better mileage. Hack off the catalytic converter, and whatever else bullshit is blocking the exhaust, and let that puppy breath like it should. Ah yes…..

  37. the engines are made by vw

  38. TDI 😀 lets have a look: 2.7L TDI 6 Zyl. – 179PS/380Nm, JTDM 2.4L5 Zyl. – 200/210PS/ 400/450Nm. Any Question? Only Audidickheads buy a Car with such crappy Engines.I drive a 2.4L JTD since 05 and a 2.4L JTDM since this year, and in all these Years i never met somebody who speak about Problems with: Camshafts, Oilpumps, Dieselpumps, Injectors, Turbochargers, Holes burned to the Piston etc. Otherwise i know many Audidrivers with these problems, all are Driving 1.9,2.5,2.0,3.0 or sometimes 2.7L TDI

  39. My A6 has done 190,000 miles and so far only the aircon pump and the EGR valve have broken. If you compare that to all the other cars I have had I can honestly say that I think these engines are great.

  40. still,when it comes to quality and innovation,germans know their stuff ^^

  41. TDI or Turbocharged Direct Injection is a design of turbodiesel engines, which feature turbocharging and cylinder-direct fuel injection developed and produced by the Volkswagen Group.

    P.S. Just because first Fiat put the TDI on their engine doesn’t make any difference 🙂 and please let’s not compare Fiat to Audi/Volkswagen it is ridicoulos 🙂 Nothing perosnal to the Fiat drivers.

  42. woohoo go audi

  43. 2003 AFAIK.

  44. No no its rudolf diesel that invented the fuel injection LOL

  45. fiats now are overpriced shity cheap cars.

  46. This is very good engine if you buy a new one and not planing to use it for more than 5 years.

  47. Verteiler und pumpe Düse das waren Zeiten 😍aja audi baut seit 2000 commonrail Motoren die haben nur zahlen müssen weil Fiat meint das sie die ersten waren daweil wurden solche Systeme wie commonrail und verteilerpumpe schon viel früher erfolgreich getestet aber erst später erfolgreich in Kfz eingebaut erfunden hat kein VW oder Fiat was sie haben es nur perfektioniert (erst wenn der elektronische Turbo im commonrail wie bei den neuen Motoren bei VW /audi einzieht ist der commonrail genial)

  48. AUDI was first in Common raill ??? LOOOOOL
    Look what german wiki not italian wiki saying:
    /wiki/Fiat_Croma :
    "…Fiat. Er war der erste Pkw mit direkteinspritzendem Dieselmotor…. eg TDI"
    And the winner is…Fiat lol

  49. " Clean " diesel wahahahahahahaaa 🙂

  50. tecnologia dei motori Fiat JTD Mjet

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