Audi connect

Audi was the first manufacturer to fully integrate LTE in its vehicles. Hence, the wide range of customized services of Audi connect are working even faster and the cars become a perfect mobile device. With Audi connect you can search for the cheapest fuel prices, stream music or let the system read out a messages you received on your phone. This will facilitate your life and let you follow your social life while driving.

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  1. good

  2. Amazing!!!

  3. Why would you go to Amsterdam by train if you have one of the best cars in the world?

  4. Well if the card is made with Nvidia technology expect a lot of bugs lol
    and overheat
    Anyway Audi, really is working on new technology.

  5. Great…

  6. नरेंद्र अरविंद जोशी

    Audi, really is working on new technology……

  7. French store 2:21

  8. Those are some great new approaches.

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