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  1. terrible sound

  2. Fanuc ofc. kuka are orange+black

  3. this is the music robots listening while making audis

  4. Why fanuc robots ? Why not everything KUKA robots ?

  5. AUDI: the BEST forever and ever!!!!!

  6. FANUC or KUKA robot

  7. Instead of using Autotune, why not hire someone who can carry a tune?

  8. lol i thought the worst music is on the radio….but i find it here

  9. My penis got hard listening to this masterbating song.

  10. KUKA orange.

  11. @rrookie28 asshole

  12. Siem Reap city have many land to have new automatic cars factories

  13. my music goes much better with the video than the original music

  14. stupid music!

  15. shit song,

  16. what song is called?

  17. Why Germany is so strong : because even the robots (KUKA) are Made in Germany !!!

  18. one of the best car in world!!!!!!!!

  19. Sieg Heil!

  20. que orgullo debe ser para esos empleados poder formar parte de audi..yo estoy tratando de ingresar a la planta vw argentina, es algo muy dificil pero creo que lo lograre.

  21. Channeat Bou Laundry for Foreign tourists’ drivers. Channeat Bou ( internet facebook YouTube Google ) in front Tonle Sekong Hotel

  22. this song is dope, crap quality tho… Who is it?

  23. all people cars factories system network visit Siem Reap city and stay Siem Reap Temple Villa meet Mr Sophal Bou and give Mr Sophal Bou cars to take you and your people daily and all time safety and healthy

  24. Can someone tell me where this is?…. Or where in America I could go and see such thing. Thanks!

  25. Actually quite a lot of those are FANUC

  26. @arti1666 you must have smoked your carpet twat

  27. just watch the beautiful video and mute the sound.

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