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  1. Audi is the most luxurious car of them all in the German big three.. There will be Audi haters but they don’t know what sexy thing they are missing the glorious four rings.

  2. i love audi te best car 💯

  3. if a light is gone, better sale the car!😁

  4. Audi is the best

  5. Cool ad…

  6. Muito Top! :D)

  7. I love those LED headlights

  8. Audi 😍

  9. This video should have stopped at Xenon, since IIHS failed most of the LED headlights and Audi can’t get Matrix LED headlights through NHTSA.

  10. outside of the us, oh ok, nothing to do with me

  11. Vorsprung durch Technik ! Only Audi <3

  12. I prefer BMW………

  13. I love Audi.

  14. I want to know the song at 2:53!!

  15. I love Audi.


  17. omg that lights can proyect a movie!!

  18. fortunately #Skoda has the same light technology. And also fortunately, SKODA belongs to Audi (VW Group)

  19. You know your "smart headlights" are banned here , right? Audi USA

  20. Finally, us Europeans get something before the US!

  21. They said it would turn off for a car, but what about a motorcycle or bicycle?

  22. Most beautiful Lights = Audi Lights

  23. Wow they showed the swarm lights at the end. That’s gonna be crazy in the next few years to see the Swarm tail lights on the road.

  24. I love Audi

  25. Why only 480P?

  26. I see the light.

  27. So happy we live in 2016 and have a video from Audi at 480p. Seriously illuminating the future.

  28. what if two Audi crosses each other ??
    would they alternatively turn off and on the lights as the other car do the opposite ?

  29. I love Audi that’s all i know.

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