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  1. WHAT! 0:18

  2. The oled swarm lights are sick!

  3. I kinda like the road this was filmed at. Anyone know where this is?

  4. So I assume this is a matrix of high power LEDs on a planar surface, any of which can be independently controlled or in groups with lenses in front of them.  Pretty damn nice.  No actual laser though.  This is what the new LED TVs do to maximize contrast as well, turn down or off the LEDs in the dark sections and over-brighten the ones in the lightest sections.

  5. to take your money… haha haha

  6. AUDI Best….MfG Suloja

  7. I’m a big fan of audi LED headlights but bet that will cost you $$$$ to replace it.

  8. Thats why i bought Audi…=)awesome

  9. And that’s why it’s better to lease and never own new luxury cars. When this light system fails and your warranty is up, it won’t cost $10 at AutoZone for a new bulb, more like thousands at a dealer.

  10. what if you wanna drive your audi into remote area where there is no proper road and gps cant track well?

  11. drive with that thing in India and the lights are gonna go like on a Christmas tree..

  12. Bravo Audi… Great technology!!!

  13. Im gonna want my hands on this impressive technology someday

  14. Isn’t that just sexy?

  15. Solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I’ve managed the last 20 years using conventional headlights and never had an issue seeing the road and objects on the road at night.
    My headlights have always had intelligent, preemptive highbeam/lowbeam switching… operating a lever!

    Just wait for the repair bill when a semi-trailer flicks a stone through them.

  16. I wonder how would this fully automatic lighting reagate in situation such as night one, on the sharp curve where one car comes from opposite direction followed by the pedestrian in same direction? And imagine if we need to turn off or turn on the light for some speciall reason? 

  17. That is by far the coolest thing since sliced bread!

  18. costo dell auto 100 000 euro solo i fari 98 000

  19. A few years back we opted for Bi-Xenons on our A7 instead of LED’s simply because xenons were still more powerful.  In a few years technology has caught up and the new LED’s in the A6, A3 and A8 are the same if not better than xenons.  They look awesome on Audi’s though.  Good job Audi.

  20. cool light effects, but I wouldn’t use them when driving.
    1- what if I’d have to take a route throught grass or sand?
    2-what if I were looking for something or someone in the sidewalk? (a hot girl, could be)
    3-what if an animal is coming from the right ? you wouldn’t realize because you can’t see.

  21. the mercedes one is better 😛

  22. Note: NOT in the US market due to regulations

  23. Omg…..that is phenomenal technology! Very impressed.

  24. so Knight rider in the 80’s wasn’t far wrong

  25. gorgeous machine 

  26. The deer isn’t dead. He’s just so shocked to see the Audi Matrix LED technology.

  27. Cool! Nice concept

  28. Superb

  29. What about the person you are driving behind…or people on bikes. Does it dip the beam for them

  30. of all comments… the response for a person or any object that are on the road or near the road is aprox. 5 sec. + the response of the driver…what is this light euphoria?

  31. The only thing I don’t like are those sequential blinkers. They look so aftermarket.

  32. Audi started the LED trend and they will always lead in that segment.

  33. That person walking on the side of the road looked creepy and probably recently committed a crime. The deer was chained, shackled, beaten and forced to stand by the side of the road during filming. Shame on you Audi!

  34. when audi accept they new bussines as light company?
    when they will finally build a car…with an engine?
    i had 2 audi’s …and never again.

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