Audi Mission to the Moon – The Journey

It’s a journey of 384,400 kilometers. A rocket takes four days to fly from the Earth to the moon. Someone who drives a car an average of 15,000 kilometers annually would take over 25 years to cover the same distance.

Join the mission on:


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  1. Kurzgesagt Team in disguise…

  2. Ukrainian Dnepr rocket production

  3. What is it they are looking for in the moon??, we have already been there, it’s just a dusty rock

  4. No tardis???

  5. 🐦🐥Hi Kurzgesagt, I miss the birds! 🐤🐔

  6. Excellent video, top animation!

  7. Only Kurzgesagt could make such a video!

  8. I wanna see a photo of the american flag to stop the man on the moon controversy

  9. It’s great that they plan on visiting one of the Apollo sites but I think Apollo 12 would be a better choice. After visiting it, it would be a relatively short trip to visit Surveyor 3 which would win them another million dollars. Then they could get some close-up imagery of were the camera used to be and were the scoop sampler had been snipped off with bolt cutters. Both of these were returned to Earth so the effects of the harsh lunar environment could be studied.

  10. Wow! Kurzgesagt Magic! Audi sure picked the right team! <3

  11. KURZGESAGT!!!!

  12. You made a wise choice by putting this promotional video in the hands of Kurzgesagt, amazing.

  13. 1:23 For just 280km you could have fit the poor Pluto…

  14. Proud to be a patron! Keep up the awesome work

  15. where’s that next episode?

  16. In your face you conspiracy theorists

  17. The moon? we’ve been there done that. WHY NOT MARS?

  18. Well done, +Kurz Gesagt – In a Nutshell

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