Audi OLED Swarm

OLED technology is yet another example of Audi’s pioneering work in the vehicle lighting area. The abbreviation stands for organic light emitting diode. Unlike the LEDs currently in use, which consist of semiconductor crystals, OLEDs are made from an organic material.
The material is spread extremely thinly — the coating is only a few thousandths of a millimeter thick — on an absolutely flat surface such as highly polished display glass. When an electrical voltage is applied, the molecules emit photons and the surface lights up. The light distribution is very homogeneous and very energy-efficient. They are ideally suited for use inside the vehicle or in rear lights.
External light design using OLED technology, which Audi is aiming to adopt, will be as intelligent as it is attractive. It can, for example, react to the approaching driver, follow his or her movements and highlight the main contours of the vehicle or the door handle. When the driver has entered the car, restrained OLED lighting will become active inside.
The swarm
A scenario in the OLED technology area to which intensive thought has already been devoted is the “swarm”. The Audi engineers have transformed a vehicle’s rear end into a large, continuous light surface, with innumerable small points of light flickering like a swarm of fish.
The movements of the red dots follow the movements of the vehicle. When a right turn is made, they flow to the right; when the car is braked, they flow rapidly forwards; the faster the car goes, the faster they move. The following driver can always see right away what the driver of the car in front is doing.

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  1. why shall somebody choose a $1k OLED TV for the rear of his car? pointless!

  2. Very confusing

  3. Cops will ban that in a second… But I like it.

  4. The idea to use OLED is ok. The design is horrible. Looks like the car has blood stream

  5. Coole Idee aber für nen Straßenverkehr ungeeignet

  6. Where is "slide to unlock" ?

  7. xD true!

  8. I have never seen a more boring video in my life.

  9. Damn! I sure hope this will not make it to the roads in real life! It is so distracting and cluttered and messy and moving around and unclear and disorganized and …
    Please let "coolness" not take priority over traffic safety. When it comes to traffic, let’s be adults for once!

  10. Thats awesome

  11. This is a very cool concept, but I don’t like this sort of execution. Very unclean design.

  12. I like BMW oled better the Audi’s is just to weird

  13. now.. this will definitely be a cool car for Kylo Ren.

  14. Very cool

  15. Your tail light is broken. That’ll be $1000.

  16. Switch to HD and go to 2:12. LOL dead pixel.

  17. Cool for a concept, but completely not practical for a car. 

  18. que ahora le pondran una pelicula al conductor de atras?

  19. la kago pa lindo ! xD

  20. I wont like to have a rear crash, the lights will be stupidly expensive !

  21. Good luck having DOT approve that…

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