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Meet the Q2, Audi’s newest SUV. Renuka Kirpalani takes it for a drive in Zurich.

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  1. what is the onroad price of this car?

  2. Yes it’s like jr zapdos the legendary pokemon

  3. Almost all the videos on this channel are so aesthetically shot that it’s a treat to watch these videos. Great job, keep it up!!!

  4. Good Coverage, the car definitely looks well fit in the range of Q"2". Would be great to see if its priced strategically in the indian market.

  5. looks like vw polo and mini copper

  6. Nice video

    Check out my side for more car action

  7. how much does it cost my father wants to buy our second audi

  8. back is WV Polo and front is from Audi A3 last generation

  9. the road is more prettier than the car

  10. Audi Q5, Q3 & Q2 looks like Daddu (frog) cars 😂

  11. fortuner vs audi q2 price same .who will buy this toy car

  12. is it good for ₹25 lakh?

  13. It’s a polo with an Audi badge

  14. Like if you think This is the most beautiful review in terms of location. Zurich !! ah.

  15. Great Review!

  16. License creative transaction warm.

  17. 6:50 what city is that?

  18. Now it gets more affordable. Awesome mini Suv.

  19. i suppose it start from 25 Lakh

  20. it is very nice

  21. Those alloys 😻

  22. Polo visiting gym and consuming high protein diet.

  23. looks like Cross Polo had sex with Audi A3

  24. can som1 pls tell me…where is this place.??

  25. the back looks like a mutated vw polo

  26. LOL ! The C pillar looks more like the eltie i20 and the rear windshield layout resembles the Baleno.

  27. tell me about this model drive by u n same features I get in india

  28. 35 lakh for this car?? bro ill buy a maruthi swift and add some led lights tats it ….

  29. rear looks like from Volvo or Vw polo…..Although the overall car looks very good…Wish i could afford it….

  30. As A3 was better than A4 , I am quite sure Q2 would be better than Q3

  31. it is not powerful

  32. Very well shot video. Beautifully captured the picturesque landscapes of Zurich.

  33. q2’s back is a copy from gla mercedes

  34. Its good and i like it ever

  35. This looks so Awful, there was no need of a Q2.

  36. hii I am Hardik Kapoor from Hardik’s car show its a nice compact SUV

  37. Front grille looks great. So does the roofline with blacked out C-pillars. Rear, not so much, lest for the sweeping turn LEDs. Cheaper than the A3, and Audi cashing in on the SUV craze in India; with definitely be successful.

  38. What is price range of q2 in India and is it launched reply please

  39. cool and hot

  40. 1 litre? they should compare with Ford eco sport!

  41. Vw polo ripp of buy audi

  42. It’s horrible

  43. Refreshing design from Audi at last.

  44. turkey carbon sharply transfer.

  45. bullshit!!! nothing like a Discovery Sport.

  46. Mercedes will Sue you.

  47. looks more like a Volkswagen, who agrees ?

  48. This car should be for 15 lakh if it is above 20 lakh it is worthless to buy it because u can get much better can at that price range

  49. the rear looks like a baleno on steroids..lol

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