Audi Q5 FULL REVIEW test driven S-Line onroad/offroad 2.0 TFSI 3.0 TDI all-new neu 2017/2018

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  1. Great detailed review, you covered items I did not expect or thought of. It needs a retractable display for clear viewing on a long trip or routine commute.

  2. Schade, dass Du es nicht in deutscher Sprache machst.Ich hab auch den Hinweis auf das Ambientelicht vermisst.

  3. Mexico and Germany ♥ 🙂

  4. I look forward to Saturday when I get the opportunity to drive the all new Q5 too. Can’t wait to test the new air suspension and the next gen. quattro called quattro-ultra. Good Video! Greetings from the Lake of Constance, Niko

  5. Hahaha! Best job in the world – review a car and have a beach holiday in Mexico as well. It’s a hard life Thomas! 🙂

  6. Anyone else concerned about the car being build in Mexico? Great video tough.

  7. Audi Q5 or MB GLC ??

  8. Another boring Audi

  9. Check Engine Light is ON. Typical.

  10. Regarding the retractable display, I use mine all the time. I’ve had my A6 more than 2 years, and I still love the screen appeating when I start the engine.
    I’m considering a Q5 as my next car, but I’m sorry Audi cheaped out by eliminating this little bit of automotive theater.

  11. What an awesome review! Very entertaining and cool.

  12. Be aware if ordering this colour for your Q5. It has a more purple /blue hue than shows in this video. The video on the beach shows an electric blue hue probably through using a polariser filter on the camera lens which darkens blue sky and water. It also cuts down light from reflective surfaces. Check out the colour at your dealer first. On dull days the paint shows a purple hue. Check out the coulor of Tanzanite gem stones triple or quadruple grade and you will see a better idea of this Navarre Blue that is in the video

  13. This new Q5 is definitely a step up from the old model, but of all the SUVs in the class I still like the F-Pace the most, it’s rear wheel bias, more cargo/passenger room and it looks amazing.

  14. I hope you guys will be doing the same in depth review of the upcoming SQ5! Greetings from Amsterdam!

  15. great Review! Top

  16. Stop copy BMW……

  17. No option for cooled seats… there are cars for half the price of that option! As well as 3 different things about this car where cost cutting was used and yet the price has remained the same. I really wanna like this car…

  18. The New SQ5 would be something I am looking forward to.

  19. Great review.I would prefer a retractable screen.

  20. fucki..g audi s-tronic..

  21. Thank you Thomas so much for the great review , I really would like to know if the Q5 will be made in Germany in the future ? or the Mexican factory will be the only one producing the Q5 ?

  22. there is already the check engine light on 🙂

  23. Thomas with a tan wearing Thomas blue shirt next to a Thomas Blue painted Q5 😀 looks good !

  24. Excellent reviews, very professional. One request please: will you please also give the kW rating besides only HP. Thanks for great work that you guys do

  25. Doesn’t look like an even loading floor, theres a clear hump

  26. After a 35% import tax,Audi will be lucky to sell one of these.

  27. Are all the new Audi Q5’s built in Mexico?

  28. hey thomas, I would like to see a review of the 2017 Audi TT Coupe. Seems like everyone has done a review on the TT-S and TT-RS, but not so much the regular TT! cheers

  29. Congratulations, really precise, complete and very useful review. Excellent job.

  30. 买奥迪

  31. Thomas wipe fast and it always opens 😉

  32. Best car review I’ve ever watched. Thorough! Any rattles, buzzes or annoying noises? I own a 2015 SQ5 and its solid. I was curious if the new Q5 has any issues in this regard?

  33. how does this car compare to the GLC?

  34. I love the manual seat adjustment, if I want full power I will just pay more since the new q5 is already a bargain right? How ‘s it go, pay more get less, brilliant, but so what, because Audi.

  35. Excellent review again Thomas thanks.

  36. I wonder what is the opinion on the 2.0 TDI 190 performance…

  37. If I understood correctly, the 3.0 tdi has got the standard torsen quattro version, not this new ultra haldex-like type of gadgetry ?

  38. My friend ordered a Q5 in the UK. The ship bringing his car arrived in Emden on the 11th March. He still has not received his car from the dealer. It took 15 days to come from Mexico via Jacksonville and Davisville to Emden. It seems the logistics between Emden and delivery to the UK are not up to speed. The video on his Audi tracking site says it can take between 24 hrs to 10 days to come from Emden to the UK. A car should not take longer to come from Emden to the UK than from Mexico to Emden. Very poor show Audi- potential customers beware

  39. pp pp

  40. I have no money, so sad

  41. If I buy a German car I want to come in from Germany not Mexico! What a rip off! Trump 🇺🇸😜

  42. If you had to pick the new sq5 or the glc300 what would you do? In Canada the glc equipped with what I want ends up at 70k. But the new sq5 has everything for 75 plus is much more powerful. I love the glc interior but it really seems high compared to an sq5 :-/

  43. does is come with 7 seats?

  44. Tbh i like the this screen much more then the retraction one

  45. Bin die Karre auch schon probegefahren. Was mich ankotzt ist das das Teil jetzt aus einem billiglohn kommt aber trotzen deutlich teurer als der Vorgänger ist. Pfui Audi das ist eine sauerei! Hallo Audi, Wie geht eigentlich die Razzia wegen eurer betrugsaffäre Voran?sind die 18 Staatsanwälte noch bei euch im Haus ? Nehmt die Verantwortlichen gleich mit und steckt sie ins Gefängnis.

  46. Thomas you’re so skinny it is painful to watch..

  47. Thomas , in the video it seem very loud from outside noise. how was the noise for you? is it comparable to mercedes?

  48. Question for you Thomas. If you were spending your own money, and you have to choose only between this Q5 and the Mercedes GLC, which would you choose?

  49. good review!

  50. Great video

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