Audi Quattro Concept official promo – narrated

More confirmation that Audi will be taking the Quattro model to production has surfaced recently.

According to a recent report the Quattro Concept was spotted with design-studio license plates on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The car was being escorted to a photo shoot by the California Highway Patrol.

When questioned Audi employees let it slip that the car was, indeed, headed to production.

The result of the video shoot is this video fully edited.

Read more: http://www.worldcarfans.com/110112429733/audi-quattro-confirmed-for-production#ixzz16Q9yIAFC

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  1. This car looks like it has down syndrome

  2. Audi begins to be my fav Brand

  3. Audi is just a beast right now y’all! Audi have to be top sellers right now!!!!

  4. daaaaaaamnnnnn

  5. Nichts ersetzt den legendären Audi Quattro!

  6. Remember the old days rule, you have the driver and your passenger is your navigator and manages the radio… nope not any more lol… I wish we could have both systems in one car. Either way still love this car and hope something of it comes out. 🙂 

  7. Anyone else notice the moving headlamps or am I losing it?

  8. basically an A5 coupe with the TTRS engine and a different bumper… the back looks nice though reminds of the old Audi quattro coupe

  9. I like this Sport Quattro concept driving around the road on the edged cliffs.
    But still, what I love is the old Sport Quattro S1 thundering in the Rally Group B during the old days 🙂

  10. mindaaaaa :'( <3 <3 

  11. Audi is my life.


  13. Check my channel for more Audi

  14. This one looks much better than the 2013 concept, imo.

  15. ♥♥

  16. Manual?! Nobody is gonna want that when this comes out

  17. LFA?

  18. I love Audi so much. They are leading us to the future in design. Single-frame grilles, integrated LED DRLs, furturistic taillight designs. Everyone does it now, and they all stole it from Audi. 

  19. mmmmm

  20. LFA?

  21. This is the future of automotive design and luxury. AUDI — Please bring it the USA asap

  22. would be nice if they made a come back to the WRC

  23. Looks like a fusion of Audi R8 and Audi Quattro (Old)

  24. 愛~

  25. 디자인이 스텔스 기능이 있을꺼 같다.

  26. Is this SF?

  27. My car is better…

  28. Its freakin beautiful. Wtf didnt Audi use this front grill for their new A4 this year rather than the curved slopey dated crap theyve been using since the stone age of cars (aka 2008).

    They needed to make the A9 prologue the new A7 but flopped imo; theyre fast falling behind the competition on image by hiding all their best wares behind the concept covers.

  29. "awakens memories of its legendary ancestor" it did not awake any memories until I saw the sport quattro at 0:43. this concept is nothing like ’84 Sport Quattro

  30. it looks nothing like the lfa?

  31. "Sexier than a naked Sasha Grey covered in toffee sauce". Audi if you want to use that as a tagline in your brochure feel free.

  32. 0:43 feel really sorry for anyone preferring that poor red thing on the right, lol.

  33. How much and where to buy??

  34. hand brake

  35. The 2013 Sport Quattro looks ugly as sin compared to this model. Hopefully the production model will look exactly like this 2010 concept, and nothing like the 2013.

  36. This car looks awesome. I’d love to see it on the streets, but I would personally rather be able to buy an rs3 sedan like the clubsport quattro concept. Y’know with, 4 door, good luggage space, for every day use.

  37. Audi Impreza 

  38. I’ve just fall in love

  39. audi 4 ever …..

  40. Emotionless

  41. Common audi, put it in production, i’m bored of so much audi TT, it doesn’t look any nice with the square grill in the smooth body shape, this is like … well something like a Impreza on steroids

  42. Looks like iron man

  43. SUPER!!!!!!

  44. Fingers crossed this does get produced and under the TT-RS badge for 2015, if not guess I will have to get my hands on a 2013 TT-RS until then. But love the aggressive styling. 

  45. this is the best interior I ever seen on an audi why dont’t they design interiors like this for production cars

  46. Ask for LEO PEREIRA – visiting Audi or North Orlando! He has my highest recommendation

  47. audi is ugly shit

  48. ugly as fuck :s

  49. It looks beautiful, and I love the headlights… but the interior looks a bit like the 80’s concepts… 🙁

  50. 300KW? Lies.

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