Audi quattro® On The Summit – Original Audi Ski Jump Commercial

The skier, carving his way down the streets of San Francisco at high speed. The race quattros and the Q7 driving across sheets of ice, spectacularly being shot from below. The snow-covered ski jump that the Audi 100 CS quattro® drives up without any external assistance – over quattro’s 30-year history Audi has made a whole series of TV commercials that highlight the mystique of quattro® and the emotions it arouses. Some of them have gone down as classics in the history of advertising because they simply concentrate on the products – typical Audi.

Learn more about the Audi quattro here:


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  1. tak samo by zjadło kilkanaście litrów paliwa 😛

  2. This looks like a Mazda 626 in this commercial.

  3. u lucky bastard i sooo envy u!!

  4. love audi quattro,but video is fake 🙂

  5. Audi 100 was really good car still in use even today in my country.

  6. Okay I have basically these wheels on my audi 200 as winter wheels but they look like maybe they have a different offset. Anyone know where they came from?

  7. The chain is just there for safety..  I mean its a 35 degree incline with a 50 foot drop at the bottom..  Once at the top, the car and the driver have to get down..  AND if the the car slipped just a little, the car would never stop and fly off the end wrecking the car and killing the driver. Audi isnt dumb.  They made a great car, a great commercial and did it with safety in mind.

  8. Now, just to back down it..

  9. Bo BMW jest autem sportowym które na normalnej nawierzchni zjadło by Twoje audi razem z tym ciągniczkiem , wpisz sobie BMW 325 ix .

  10. Imam audi 100 1982 godiste benzinac nije quattro (obican) ide ko nevreme brzi je od mnogooo novih automobila na plin sam ga przio 200 km/h ko od sale.

  11. Audi super!

  12. perkele täähän on kaipolasta

  13. is there behind the scenes clip where that car fall down?:P

  14. almost better then Peter Prevec

  15. Ауди есть ауди

  16. and then she slided down… more on the left and …

  17. Not only the most beautiful,but also the best audi quattro 😀
    I have one and he is dam in winter 🙂

  18. Audi,como siempre y desde hace muchos años,A LA VANGUARDIA DE LA TECNOLOGIA.

  19. studded snow tires make a huge difference,  but cool commercial. 

  20. So mal zu dem Stahlseil ja es ist da im neun wie im alten Spot
    Aber nicht zum hochziehen seht gut zu sehen im Making of hier bei Youtube

    Wer mal ein wenig logisch denkt, weis sofort warum da ein Seil
    Weil wenn der Wagen ins rutschen kommt hält der am ende der Schanze nicht an,
    Deswegen ein Sicherungsseil das ist alles

  21. I never knew a 4-door Quattro is available.

    I still like the coupe more though,because rallycar

  22. How come I never see Audi’s this old on the road? Since people claim they are so reliable I’d expect to see more of these than older Mercedes and BMW. 

  23. 1980s and 90s cars are the best cars for everyday use, the newer cars are with f*ckin electronics

  24. How they did managed to get that audi there? by helicopter?

  25. Hahahaha czysta ściema w 0:42 widać line jak go ciągnie i w 0:45 😀 Taka prawda

  26. was great until you see the mechanism pulling it up the hill at 0:41 and 0:45 seconds…   
    Audi… shame on you. :o/

  27. name music?

  28. näkyy vähän liian selkeesti toi vaijeri auton pohjasta toki eihän tässä mainoksessa kuulemma tarvittu vetää autoa torniin ja että vaijeri oli vaan varmuuden vuoks

  29. It should be The new Audi 100 CS Quattro not VDT (Vorsprung DURCH Technik)

  30. BMW by nawet nie ruszyło z miejsca

  31. Hey there, the successor model of Audi 80 is Audi A4 Saloon. Check its out, yo!: http://www.audi.co.uk/new-cars/a4/a4-saloon.html

  32. The most audacious commercial i’ve ever seen.

  33. Not possible

  34. Even though I have a 2013 S4, I still love these old Audi’s

  35. The best car in the world with amazing looks, sound and no electronic systems!

  36. allein dieser Sound 😍😍😍

  37. Well what i think has happened Audi has came up with something unusual great car though love the music what is it? Vorsprung Durch Technik was what made them Audi. That’s impossible what would happen if the car flipped upside down? Kill the car,spoil the advert,not be safe,very good Audi NOT

  38. Chyba "dresowym"?

  39. fantasy&grotesk

  40. This car is awesome…Is the real deal…!!

  41. tam widac line asekuracyjna

  42. So awesome, old but gold

  43. Wer kennt den Audi noch………..viele sind einfach zu spät geboren…………..

  44. 0:42, 0:45 – the car is pulled up…

  45. It really looks like it starts to skid slightly to the right just before the top and then bam, freeze frame!

  46. Naprawdę nie wiesz co to quattro. Zobacz jak np Audi rs4 sie zbiera ze startu. RWD nigdy nie wygra z quattro.

  47. sounds like pokemon music. did i just watch an audi advert or defeat the elite 4?

  48. Where is that red audi now?

  49. Legendary car 😀 Audi is the marque and willa alwasy be 🙂

  50. Good old Audi 100. My parents still got one in garage

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