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  1. you have the best fucking job ever chris

  2. I generally like C H videos but this one falls short of the promise to "show the performance difference". Chris may have felt the difference but very little difference imparted to the viewer. Not up to standard.

  3. This is the new record distance holder for the 24 hour Nurburgring race!  Congrats to Audi.

  4. this guy looks like a crack head XD

  5. I like Chris Harris but he’s just not Top Gear to me

  6. "Its got very R8ish characteristics" So all of us viewers are suppose to know what that means? Just drive the car and let us listen to it if you don’t know what to say. Not trying to be negative, I’m just saying it would be nice to see and hear the car more. Isn’t this a car review?

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  8. What is the black vertical wire attaching the seat harness to the the roll cage and what is its purpose?

  9. Have the Plus.. Now I just need $ 400 k for the LMS. 🙁

  10. You see, GT3 cars are easy to drive even in wet and damp. They’re not sliding deathtraps with no grip, trying to kill you in every corner, like some PC sims would like you to believe.

  11. Got halfway through this video then it went blank to a white screen with an exclamation mark in grey. What gives??

  12. Can i register it in Belgium?

  13. this car is a different color from Gran Turismo 6

  14. You can tell Chris was being timid with the race car, not pushing it as hard as he could have without risking something. Great vid!

  15. Dear AUDI, 

    Please give Chris Harris a season.

    Yours Truly,
    Mr D. Washington.

  16. Hey, what are the red handle things on the front and back bumpers?

  17. Audi R8 LMS vs Audi-RS-5-DTM? 

    Question for Chris Harris, vote up for him to see, or someone from /DRIVE.

  18. Love the V10 sound.. something very special.

  19. same matt blue R8 from light room at end of Leo Parente’s "how to a build a R8" video?
    whats the chances

  20. fuck audi and their buy/take history! cant do it so they will buy it! thank u vw uncle

  21. Possibly one of the most beautiful (to my eyes at least) looking and brilliant driving Sports Cars to date.  I would wet myself if I got to have a go in that Team car.  That EXHAUST NOTE!!!


  23. whats the the big tube sticking out of the dash for? , lol

  24. The sound from 5:13 is extremely reconized

  25. i will never do this. why dont you kill yourself now?

  26. $440k? That’s a good thing, you can get a race car for the price of a street car in some cases

  27. keep it up chris, always look forward to one of these.

  28. why do they decrease the engine power in the raceing car? Yeah, i know it’s because of race regulations, but what’s the point of this rule? wouldn’t it be more fun and competative to have as much power as possible?

  29. this guy is a dude .

  30. The best looking GT3 race car ever

  31. 5:08 /Drive Intro I found it.

  32. noise reminds me almost exactly of the IMSA gto

  33. What is that big tube sticking out of the dash at about 2:38?

  34. What a badass looking car.

  35. great videos chris, more please 😉

  36. If anyone knows what music it is at 0:42 please tell me, it sounds lovely in combination with the car sights

  37. Chris, you are one lucky bastard!!! Enjoy!

  38. this guy doesn’t blink !

  39. A lovely motoring car.

  40. why does the gt3 car not usually feel as quick as the street car? thats surprising..

  41. Love Chris
    But it’s fucking wet again!!!

  42. Please!!! .i.

  43. That deceleration sound could put me to sleep I could only image being in it

  44. I’m gonna sell my toyota prius so i can buy that.

  45. Hmm how is GT3 compare to LMS? It took dollar 200000 for a good GT3. How much does this one cost?

  46. Okay I’m a dumb American and don’t understand the point of this video. I don’t have $440, 000 to spend on a car, or house and do my best to stay with the legal speed limit??? Is this a Walter Mitty Fantasy video?

  47. 2:46 Car Started. Still talking though.

  48. This video is so awesome! Audi forever.

  49. Lucky sod!

  50. I am awesome

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