Audi R8 The Eye – Directors Cut

BBH London commissioned ManvsMachine to direct this 60 second TVC for the all new Audi R8. A minimal audio-visual study of motoring exhilaration through the human body’s most expressive feature – the eye. Extra special shout out to the amazing Analog, who created the full CG eye from scratch.


Agency: BBH
Director: ManvsMachine
VFX: Analog
Production Co: Friend
Grade: Edwin Metternich / Framestore
Audio: String & Tins

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  1. Beautiful machine and commercial.

  2. I don’t watch TV so the only reason I watched this ad was was because I saw it got banned – at which point it had my undivided attention. Also thought it was beautiful.

  3. а нет дороги жопой водителя? need a road ass driver)))

  4. the Add that got banned in the UK, lol

  5. Good commercial. It got me interested in the car. Lame Ass libtards probably would not have complained if Tesla made the exact same commercial.

  6. Wow, banned for "promoting reckless driving" on a f***ing racetrack

  7. I can see why it got banned.
    Its because its just that boring and shit.

  8. We live in the generation where this ad gets banned. So sad

  9. british ppl are retardet 😛

  10. They could’ve made the argument that the car was on a track/closed course the entire time. I would’ve believed it.

  11. Maybe in UK banned this for inspiring fast driving, but somehow this commercial is counter R8 marketing.. something like ‘don’t buy it, it’s not healthy’.. would be much better an exotic fun a little sexy commercial what actually the glamor living dream is about , then with messages about scary or illegal things..

  12. Uh….

  13. Wow UK roads are lined with chicane?

  14. xXx_TheLegendOfTheGeniousSniparAndIllSnipeEvriThinFaZeMLGGeniousBassist_xXx

    is this new NFS trailer

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