Audi R8 V10 | evo REVIEW

evo’s Dan Prosser tests the brand new Audi R8 V10 on road and on track. Does it deliver? Watch to find out.

To read our full review, click the link: http://www.evo.co.uk/audi/r8-v10-plus

Watch Porsche 911 Turbo S: https://youtu.be/Uv8z7inZKpU
Watch Mercedes-AMG GT S: https://youtu.be/U81tGvB7pe4

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  1. Looks like a fucking TT, Audi WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??

  2. I see same video snippets repeated several times in the video :/

  3. Crap reviewer

  4. You guys showed the same scene over and over again wtf

  5. imagine drive this car and my mother sit beside me . it’s heaven :)))

  6. I think this sounds better than the Huracan

  7. the r8 v10 plus is my dream car love it so much!!!

  8. 7:54 I can’t hear what he says… Which circuit is it?

  9. No shots of that gorgeous new interior from driver’s point of view 🙁

  10. Looks like Bugatti Veyron’s little brother

  11. He talks kind of fast doesnt he?

  12. I saw someone driving this on the highway yesterday. It was an older model though. I had to just stop and stare lol. Beautiful dream car!

  13. vavle pls r8 op

  14. Also Success in LeMans help

  15. Much better analysis than his colleagues at Evo. What a great guy, so factual!

  16. rivals……. nothin rivals this 😂 Audi R8

  17. BOOOORING Audi,

  18. …but will it blend?

  19. I pray that they make a 6 speed gated manual

  20. Who’s watching this right now, holding Powerball tickets???

  21. Trust me if you see this car in person you will be blown away.

  22. I will never able to drive this car…
    Even in after life.

  23. this is kind of a buggati look alike

  24. The old R8 seemed like a car with no emotion whatsoever and never really appealed to me , but the new R8 look Really nice

  25. Been clocked at 2.8 seconds the same as a standard Veyron. While the Huracan takes 2.6 seconds

  26. This one is way better then the first and I like this one better. Faster, more comfort and refined. It just looks better with every color scheme as opposed to last generation

  27. To be honest, an 8K+ rev limit isn’t all that astonishing or some benchmark for a 5.2L especially since its a V10. Meaning the pistons are smaller, therefore lighter, and of course its stroke is probably 2/3’s the length of the bores width (which pretty much goes without saying when its a high revving engine) so now those already small pistons are barely traveling up and down (an exaggeration of an over square bore are F1 cars which likely have bores twice as wide as the strokes are long [reason for doing this, they use small displacement engines to keep weight down so to get any real power they have to spin the shit out of them and in a car weighing just over 1K lbs low end torque is undesirable otherwise they would just light up the tires due to the RPM’s needed for launching or accelerating from a stop since their clutches create so much friction. Also its easier to manipulate fuel consumption with a small engine that needs to be revved to makes power.

  28. Bloody love this car. And I think it looks way better than the first model – especially the facelifted car :p *gets pummeled with rocks* Everyone disagrees on the looks of the new car, but I think this car it’s styled to be a much more purposeful looking supercar. And this new interior now really makes the old one’s interior look dated.

    The new R8’s main problem is that Audi got the first one right. Everyone loved it, especially me! But time has moved on, and the old car is just that – an old car. I hated the facelifted model as I think it took away the R8’s emotional appeal. I was left either still loving the old model or desperately wanting a new car asap, so this new model is a sigh of relief for me. Like i said, I love the way the 2016 car looks. So now, without further adue – May the thumbs down on my comment commence

  29. What a shame that all R8s look like TTs.
    And that can’t be good.

  30. I really think that the TT should look like a mini R8
    and not have the audi R8 look like a big TT

  31. if Audi is smart they will offer the 4.0T V8 in this new R8 with manual trans…I personally take would take a first gen facelift R8 with V10 manual trans. and add a twin turbo kit.

  32. Pitch black?

  33. Glad I’m not the only one who like banging the Rev Limiter. Good job on the review!

  34. My dream car. The R8 sounds beautiful

  35. Not sure that they have improved the looks more so changed shit to make make it look different and charge the public more for the model! I would take the McLaren 570s for 125,000 Pound over this all day long.

  36. Can’t stand this car. The exterior is super ugly and the virtual cockpit makes the interior look so bare. Would rather the old r8 any day of the week.


  38. ?? Audi R8 V8 plus do exist?

  39. Whats with german cars these days and there lack of Screens in the car. LCD screens cost nothing but in Mercedes and Audis still lack big screens in the car. The new C class has a tiny little screen. It looks like someone came and put a ipad after the car went into production.

  40. amazing, this car is probably my next goal

  41. Sounds awfully close to a lambo.
    I understand Audi sharing working with Lambo but sounding like it to?

  42. New R8 is lame compared to the competition.

  43. i liked this review. Good no-nonsense reviewer too. Keep it up Evo

  44. great work! love your videos

  45. is it weird i would take the r8 over a huracan

  46. OMG I want that car so bad!!! I love the blue!!!

  47. This is the best car ever

  48. It´s a great car and it sounds absolutely fantastic – But even if I had the money for such a car I would not dream about the R8 and I can not really explain why. Nice review thanks 🙂

  49. It’s not a Honda, you don’t need to bounce the redline between shifts lol.

  50. the headlights are straight off of an A3 wtf on a 200k car

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