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The 2016 Audi R8 is one of the world’s most desirable supercars, and with good reason. It’s hugely fast, has a wonderful V10 engine that revs past 8,000rpm, and it’ll change gear in the blink of an eye. Throw in terrific handling, lots of grip and the ability to be genuinely usable on a daily basis, and you come away thinking that there’s really not much not to like. In this review, Chris Knapman explains why it should be on every supercar shopper’s radar.

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  1. The R8 has been my favorite car ever since it came out, and it still is

  2. Aren’t Audi and Porsche owned by the same company?

  3. Oh wow. You get to review the new R8 and Rebecca gets Ford S-Max.

  4. Nice vid

  5. Get an audi tt r s same experience third of the price

  6. So how much is it ??

  7. Don’t like the look of the new model, looks too much like a TT to me.

  8. Looks the same as the old one? You blind?😂

  9. All journalists are the same. It’s always easy to live with while actual owners tell you how bothersome it is to navigate even the smallest speedbump or parking garage incline… At least Top Gear was honest (watch supercars in Paris).

  10. 2.6 second 0 to 60

  11. Geat Car my dream car for When im older Already got the car its great Just cant drive it yet im a kid i bought the £2,500 Item for it and it looks Awsome i got the V10 Engine

  12. Don’t know if I could drop six figures on an Audi.

  13. 16 mpg? I ‘m not that rich!!

  14. I watched Supercars of London (SOL) and that cured me of any desire to own a supercar exept a 911. What a headache these cars are…

  15. my dream car since i was 10

  16. Rather have the Jag F Type.

  17. kingsglaive audi r8 the best design car in audi series

  18. this car’s ugly

  19. I’m glad the gen-2 R8 is a strong performer – but the gen-1 is still the gold standard in terms of all-around drop-dead good looks/design, performance, and representation of the watershed moment that WAS Audi bringing to market their first production supercar. If you have a gen-1 R8 in the garage, hold onto it – it’s going to be a strong collector down the road.

  20. Prefer the first Audi T8 gen. I don’t like the gear stick.

  21. Prefer the side blade of the original

  22. Great car, but Corvette Z06 is still (in my opinion) a better car in every way.

  23. "that you don’t really miss the manual" … I can’t believe he said that. this guy is goon. he’s talking alot of nonsense from the beginning

  24. I prefer the 2008-2012 R8. I dont really like this shape.

  25. Audi R8 should be tested by Rebecca,LOL

  26. turbo s still wins i’m afraid…

  27. This is a try-hard Jeremy Clarkson, maybe one day :/

  28. Is this very emasculated male presenter deliberately chosen to make mannish Rebecca look more masculine? Come on dude, pull up your socks and be more manly good god. Rebecca, we know you like cars, nothing wrong with that, but you’re still a woman, nothing wrong with that either, just stop the feminist emasculating crap it’s off-putting. You know you really just want to be in front of the camera because you want guys to look at you.

  29. what is he recording with? a landline?

  30. Must have taken a day or two to wipe the grin off his face 🙂

  31. I was going to buy this car but went with the RS7

  32. The new design has grown on me and I think it looks better than the old model.

  33. Image stabilization pls.

  34. i wanna spend my life with r8

  35. I wish I could afford it…

  36. The front has gotten uglier. original R8 much better looking

  37. Make a grown up review !!

  38. looks more like a lambo in real life

  39. i finally got it

  40. What a sound! What A SOUND!!! ..I could listen to it all day! Fucking brilliant !

  41. the car looks so good especially in red

  42. The only thing missing is the v8 manual version, the best of the line for me

  43. I have a Audi R8

  44. 3:56 dude seriously? SERIOUSLY? Look at where his hand is when he close the door

  45. Audi are Awsome you just can not argue

  46. 610hp??? Huracan engine?

  47. WTF, take it on the track and shred the tyres. Dull mans review its a supercar FFS!

  48. He doesn’t wear the seat belt. Dude u crazy?

  49. I prefer the 911 turbo

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