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  1. it is borid

  2. Still I don’t think the r8 left the tt for dead, not at first anyway. And remap the tt I think things would be close!

  3. That’s what Chris Harris did.

  4. Nice review.

  5. which car wins

  6. kill me with that jumb dude ooh so greaaaat


  8. Where did I mention handling whatsoever? Im just talking about 0-60 times. Obviously the R8 is way nicer and much better at handling. Just think its an interesting comparison. That APR TTRS is a little sleeper beast and much cheaper. Personally I think Id prefer a GTR…love that launch control ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. or take it to APR for 600hp on stock internals :O

  10. that jump

  11. Cough… Audi R8 GT? ๐Ÿ˜€ Plus the handling of the TT looks terrible compared to the R8.

  12. Does not really sum them up in the end, I would say the best car car out of everything is the R8 but as a good cursing car and someone not caring about going on the track and just want to have fun on some roads then the RS defiantly

  13. Yeah but I cant afford an R8, thats the thing.

  14. TTRS – best Bargain SportCar

    Looks magnificent
    sounds Superb
    can keep up with a Lambo
    doesn’t Kill

    and if you give it to APR or MTM …

  15. You would be 100% right, if all audis weren’t boring as fuck to drive. The r8 is excluded, but that is hardly an audi. Only a hairdresser can call that understeering excrement "sporty"…

  16. Love the R8, really nice motor….. but let’s be honest you can get more for a lot less money

  17. Love that r5 engine. For the money tt rs beats everything.

  18. With a stage 3 turbo, it’s as quick as the veyron.. 0-60 in 2.8 sec.. For 75k including new car.. Vs over half a mill car..

  19. If you give it to APR they can turn it into a monster.
    APR has a kit for a TT from 225hp to 600hp

  20. A Ford Focus could keep up with an R8 on public roads. Speed Tests like this are stupid, something that Autocar are good at. The only way of noticing how quicker the R8 is, is to do the same test on a Race Circuit. The TTRS will be a dot in the R8’s mirrors

  21. TT looks cute

  22. es aburrido

  23. If you’re going to compare a TTRS with an R8, use the R8 V8, not the V10…

  24. APR racing can make audi vw go crazy.

  25. Bes bargain sports car is the BMW 1M Coupe..

  26. What?

  27. @autocar Why would he be using the manual TT-RS vs an R8? The S-Tronic would have completely leveled the playing field.
    Even this guy personally got, what, 1+ sec. to 60 in a Golf R DSG vs. manual.

  28. My ever Dream car

  29. you all can not drive lol

  30. it’s the last name of christian abt,the owner of the company

  31. you mean the interior of the TT is better

  32. that fat twat cant drive

  33. I’d rather buy a used S4 and do some custom work on it. Could have more power than the TT RS for 20k less.

  34. Audi r8 is electric

  35. few tunes and yes it is

  36. I dont get it. Why does the TT has more sporty looking bucket seats and the R8 your normal every day leather seat? Should change it

  37. What a chap review, what was he expecting from the comparison. ..sheez. Be more interested in seeing a shoot out with the 4.2 V8.

  38. would have tt rs for performance. r8 for looks and appearance!

  39. what does ABT mean?

  40. R8 is done !!! Audi is shooting themselves in the foot with the old body style !! so they change the look a little for 2016 and still kept the heavy underpowered V10 …ย ย  Get with the times I understand you don’t want to compete with your lambo line but come on all your Audi loyalist deserve a better car ..ย ย  twin turbo V8 650 hp lighten up your car and start to compete with the big boys !!! for the price you charge you should be ashamed of yourselves

  41. Well, part from the fact that the TTRS is a great car, i have to say, that my grand mother can drive as fast as the guy on the R8. Iยดd like to see sutcliffe on the R8

  42. The r8 being driven by a person not caring about crashing it, no contest.

  43. TT vs R8 lol, should do beetle vs 911

  44. what does APR and MTM mean?

  45. one would think so .

  46. I’d like to see this comparing the new 911 S and Cayman S. The 911 will be faster in a straight line I’m but the results would be interesting.

  47. good review

  48. He’s getting too fat

  49. i have the TTRS and is a very fast car.

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