Audi RS 6 Avant : Paint Battle [HD]

New Audi RS 6 Avant + Ex-Stig Ben Collins + Free-running supremo Damien Walters ….+ paint-filled eggs!

Soundtrack: The Runner – Three Degrees (Sony Music)

Find out more about the Audi RS 6 Avant here: http://bit.ly/100c314

Arrange a test drive: http://bit.ly/Nl9J0B

Build your RS 6 Avant: http://bit.ly/19GN5um

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  1. Damn

  2. drift drift

  3. stupid jeremy clarkson – thinks audis can’t drift

  4. this car is just SO sexy !

  5. Кен Блок их труба шатал.

  6. Ah!!!
    Sorry about that :S
    Actually i dont see it.
    Thanks man!! 😀

  7. Was that a full stock RS6 ? Some lever kind of thing Collins seems to hold at some scenes resebmles a later-added hand brake lever,or did I see it wrong ?

  8. ahahahahahah What is this ??!!?!?!?!

  9. I may be wrong but that RS6 is driving like only the rear wheels are being powered…

  10. Epic Song!!!
    does anyone know it?
    I love it!!!

  11. RS6 is so sexy!

  12. RS6 is so sexy!

  13. It’s over 9000!!!

  14. the car was actually going 26mph so this enabled the guy to jump over that car, realistically this car would going much faster, showing that that part was a total setup

    simple cunts like you believe anything on the internet jeez

  15. It’s a machine

  16. Grymt.

  17. this is what happens when you cross a brilliant car with a tamed racing driver. There’s just something about the combination of German engineering and British driving that’s mesmerizing.

  18. HAHAHAHAH, you kidding right? Watch the video again and then read your first comment.

  19. Dumb audi with their stupid adds

  20. Sind auch wiedermal nur die Briten die schon Dreck was abgewinnen können

  21. are you stupid? 0-62mph 3.9 seconds

  22. Very cool

  23. a true machine… suck it bmw!

  24. If I had an RS-6 Avant I’d simply do this.

  25. 007 Skyfall Stunt Team!!!

  26. Kick her ass Damien!


  28. Dobre skoro daje rade RS6 sie ganiac musi być dobry

  29. This is so freaking absurd I love it. Is this the best car advert ever?

  30. Liking how they had to retro fit a "proper" hand brake to the RS6 to do the stunts lol 🙂

  31. What is this music?

  32. Dobre skoro daje rade RS6 sie ganiac musi być dobry

  33. PERFECT !!!!!!

  34. good commercial for say super bowl american football expensive but good add for it  

  35. Brilliant

  36. What’s the point of this video….

  37. 3:05 ITS OVER 9000!

  38. Good to see someone who can drive a Quattro car properly!

  39. you are obviously stupid

  40. The Stig wins XD

  41. It would’ve been more eggsciting if the free-runner was a human paintball and the paint was his blood! Car gets eggstra points each time the dude spills blood. Otherwise not a bad rehash of the Ken Block videos in the 330s and Focus RS. The track (music) is quality.

  42. Do an S1 Duel

  43. 1:54 that was so close! O.o

  44. super bowl !!!! plzzzz

  45. What color is this RS6? Is it Sepang Blue?

  46. JCE4515 have you even seen the description???

  47. i dont even

  48. danien walters

  49. My Favorite car!!!

  50. used to work there. sheerness docks

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