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  1. Valós forgalomban megnézném, amikor kikerül a "rutinos" városi sofőrök közé…

  2. wow!

  3. I saw the new Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept in Munich. Watch my new Video!

  4. Cool video except the screaming guy through the whole thing…..very annoying! It was exciting but goodness…….

  5. Would be interesting to watch but I could only stand listening to the "commentator’s" nonsense for about 30 seconds…

  6. I technology also amazing color is cool

  7. Now i can drink in peace…the car will drive me home! Nice work Audi 🙂

  8. wanna win a race
    Take driver out of it……………

  9. indeed ‘kitt come and pick me up’…..

  10. #knightrider

  11. what happened to the joy of driving…?

  12. will it run over a person if he is on the track?

  13. Great technology! Put this into F1. Then we don’t have to see any fights between Hamilton and Rosberg. Such a relief it would be for Mercedes!

  14. Beauty with brain that’s what Audi is all about. Future is here.

  15. one wonders ,WHO or WHAT  really is winner in Lemans last few years
    tech or driver

  16. This RS 7 Concept Quattro took 2:25 min. to complete the Ascari circuit, reaching 220 km/h. Rallye pilot Antony Beltoise complete the same track onbard a manual RS 7 running at 100% of its power in 2:10 min. but explained that sometimes he had to delay the braking to driver faster than the Bobby autopilot.

  17. The future is now!

  18. This is amazing!

  19. This is marvelous! You should do this with RS5 Cabriolet so that it is obvious that nobody behind the wheel.

  20. This is scary 0_o

  21. zie Deutsche steiners bin atz it agen jajaja

  22. Notice it’s not using the kerbs. Is that because it can’t handle any unpredictability? I’m less interested in how fast it goes. I want to see this thing cope with unforeseen events, other vehicles, oil spills, weather changes etc. Then I’ll be impressed.

  23. It would be nice to know where the best lap time of this piloted driving concept stands compare to the lap times obtained by race car drivers.

  24. aynı arabayı versinler içinden geçerim onun

  25. This is fake, I have six sense and I saw a ghost in that Audi!

  26. technically he never completed a full lap…   :/

  27. BMW did this 4 years ago .. Check out Top Gear self driving BMW

  28. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE ? not needing any people at all ? ppfff fuck this shit

  29. Amazing….

  30. Если честно, то меня начинают пугать подобные разработки … страшно представить, что может случится, если создадут искусственный интелект

  31. Don’t know if I like the idea of driver free cars on the roads even though it has been done in private environments for year now. Still, this is impressive programming I must say!

  32. I bet Audi just made their driver invisible.

  33. Es wird irgendwann dazu kommen das Audi den Menschen ersetzen wird.

  34. is this the future of car racing?

  35. So in the end racers will cheat using their computers, and racers end up like who has the best calculating computer in their car to win the race. NICE!!

  36. Вазнедлянас. Петровичь.

    Когда все машины будут беспилотными.дорогу можно будет переходить где хочешь.они все перед тобой будут тормозить.такой хаос начнётся.собака перебежит к примеру.

  37. Даешь формулу 1 для роботов!

  38. Some F1 car teams have this already 😉

  39. and for hackers it can be easily for them to sabotage it

  40. Skynet.

  41. Deutschland Über Alles bitch!

  42. best car in the world have autopilot?
    dat awesome, thanks Audi

  43. Will the car stop in the middle of the road while I’m fallen asleep.

  44. Very impressive no doubt.  If cost (and availability) were no option I’d trade my ’07 RS4 right now as long as the auto pilot could be turned off as there’s no substitute for the fun of driving.  In fact, the RS cars are so enjoyable to drive, excepting the show of technology as is the point here,  a straight RS7 is hard to beat – it is the top of the performance sedan heap, Hellcat sedan or anything else..  That said, how cool it would be to get in and just ride home from the pub.  Needs a manual tranny for when not on auto pilot though.  Gotta love the way Audi envisions the ultimate extension of performance and function.

  45. If it drives by itself, I expect it to pay its own gas and all dues (insurance and stuff). Also fines for speeding and other mischief. And I’ll throw away my driving license and ask for a refund. However, there should be one more test: with a woman as a co-driver who yells at him to be careful and watch for this and that 🙂

  46. Теперь,гонщики (люди) для DTM не нужны.

  47. Since Google develops advanced cars that drive themselves in ALL kinds of situations this Audi is way behind that technology. What Audi does here is using some GPS data and previously learnt track and seems to impress people. Since Tesla made it’s second product in the production line better than all cars combined, with a 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and up to 500 km range is see all these brands like BMW Audi, Mercedes as outdated and obviously trying to keep us addicted to the oil industry. Google and Tesla are the future.

  48. +Ahmet Polat 

  49. It’s so cool for me!!! Woo

  50. tesla is ahead of you

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