Audi RS3 vs Volkswagen Golf R | evo DEADLY RIVALS

On paper, the 362bhp Audi RS3 has got the 297bhp Volkswagen Golf R trumped. But on track, can the underdog Golf reign supreme?

Read our Audi RS3 review here – http://www.evo.co.uk/audi/rs3
And our Golf R review here – http://www.evo.co.uk/volkswagen/golf-r

BMW M3 vs Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG: https://youtu.be/Hf67GoQhFMk
Porsche Turbo 911 S: https://youtu.be/Uv8z7inZKpU

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  1. The noise in the golf r cabin is so dull. Engine sound is a big part of enjoying a car for me.

  2. I’d still have the rs3 because the golf is ugly has a terrible interior and just looks like a basic car …

  3. Cmon we all no the golf R has the S3 engine and gearbox so why even do a comparison when we all ready no the RS3 is better than the S3

  4. RS3 vs Golf R is like an NBA player vs a College player…There’s no rivalry there.

  5. The Audi RS3 is such a disappointing car. Its overpriced, understeers, has terrible steering and is boring to drive. Yes, I have driven one.

  6. Unless taking your car to the track which caters for about 20% of buyers if you’re lucky… whats more important is traffic light to traffic light time where the Golf R gets destroyed. on top of that the Audi sounds better and the interior is a much better place to be. id much rather drive in an Audi than a VW.

  7. The golf sounds like a cow shitting…

  8. You might not know how to drive, if you think a golf R can beat a RS3 on track

  9. As a golf r owner, I say bullshit.

  10. All the Audi Fanboys getting butt hurt😂😂😂 just remember technically the same company

  11. I think this has so many dislike because its bullshit. I’m not an Audi fanboy I don’t prefer either brand. But you need to see how there is a full second in 0-60 times of the two cars. This is like comparing the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S and the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S, and even worse, saying the 2012 is faster. that is just silly. looks more like theres a vw fanboy behind the wheel or something bc the numbers don’t add up

  12. I’d have the Golf but this is slightly biased and reviewed by a vdub fanboy

  13. Woah try not to be too excited

  14. I dnt care about who win the fastest speed track.Who want to drive with such speed on normal road.RS3 interior and extrior more quality for daily drive i will go for RS3.

  15. U should have had the stick in both. And put the APR STAGE 1 in the DUB to even up the actual stats. TheStage 1 R would’ve SPANKED it like a red baby lol

  16. No they’re not, different power output, different engine the game is already over before it even started. Pick the Focus RS or the A45, that’s a fair comparison.

  17. Deadly rivals? That’s twice the same car by the same manufacturer, no matter what badge it carries.

  18. So don’t get me wrong, I’d pick the RS3 everyday, but buy a golf R slap a $600 tune on it and now they are even

  19. Nobody is bashing the driver?? This guy SUCKS!

  20. Is that Henderson lol ?

  21. some of these comments crack me up. I haven’t driven either car. I like Audi specs and styling, but every reviewer who’s driven both has more fun in the golf. get over it, the golf is obviously more responsive and agile on roads.

  22. I’ll take the Golf R over the RS3 any day. In my opinion the Golf R looks more aggressive as the RS3 rear end looks too box like. Also £10,000 more than the Golf R is just one reason not to buy as all your getting with the RS3 is the sound.

    With the price of the RS3 I can buy a Golf R with a APR Stage 2 Tune and Chip and carbons parts.

  23. You shut your mouth! you shut up right now!! Don’t you EVER say anything negative about a VW Golf EVER AGAIN !!!! lol 😉

  24. I just want to know which DSG is going to last longer….

  25. Put a Revo stage 1 on the Golf to make it 370bhp for £500 odd quid and bingo!

    You know what to buy!

  26. This guy is a missable monotone cunt

  27. dedo jozef

  28. That RS3 pushes more than 400hp with just a little remap ;), but i would recommend some new brake pads lol

  29. So Dan doesn’t understand the Haldex 4WD system, it’s permanent front wheel drive with the clutch locking progressively to divert some torque to the rear wheels, so it can never power slide on Tarmac, as for the RS3 ‘sending’ 100% torque to the rear wheels, well yes it can do that but only if the front wheels have no grip at all (such as off the ground – even with the fronts on ice and the rear on dry Tarmac it would only be 5/95! Most describe the situation where front and axles are locked together as 50/50 as in the old Audi Ur-Quattro.

  30. Driver is the key all the time.Colin McRae or Sebastian Loeb can beat Golf or Audi with a less powerfull hatch.

  31. Been listening to this guy sucking the VW’s dick for 10 minutes

  32. B7 rs4 👌

  33. The golf sounds like an air conditioning unit though…

  34. that golf r sounds horrible while the audi sounds so majestic and vicious

  35. Not sure I feel "singularity of purpose" when I drive any car, really. What even is that

  36. This guy talks shit! The S3 and Golf R are basically the same. Comparing the Golf to an RS3? Might as well compare the Golf to a BMW M5 lol! This test is just silly, compare the two with a proper driver and see the difference.

  37. Just chipping the Golf alone for less than a grand will give it the same power as the Audi. There is no discussion here.

  38. eye-opening how all the little audi fans that just care about the brand and the badge are complaining in the comments here!! stop whining, your car lost in terms of performance, it’s as simple as that

  39. I want the 2.5 pot engine in my S1 and i will call it RS1 by then.

  40. lol jebo

  41. very useful review.

  42. You might aswel buy a golf r dsg with afew options get a custom stage 1 remap and save some money = no brainer 😎

  43. shit one sided review

  44. he owns a golf R…. is how the review comes across imo

  45. golf r is one of the best overall cars ..

  46. I dnt care about who win the fastest speed track.Both care already fast.Who want to drive with such speed on normal road.RS3 interior and extrior more quality for daily drive i will go for RS3.

  47. R the best

  48. Why diss rs3 you thick cunt compare ur golf r with audi s3 its on the same league! Ive owned both cars and i can tell you one thing that rs3 shits all over your golf r straight up!!! 💯💯

  49. BMW M140i is a better car and more fun to drive than these two.

  50. FFS… These are ROAD cars! Not race cars! How many owners of these cars will take them to the track? 1%? 2%? What you get for 10k more in the Audi is luxury (and something, that actually sounds like an engine…). The interior looks miles better than the golfs. The Golf is a plastic bomber on the inside, whereas the RS3 is just a pleasure to be inside.

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